Root For Success….Wayne Allyn Root Speaks On Today’s Opportunities

Wayne Allyn Root  is the leading candidate for the Presidential nomination by the Libertarian Party in 2012.  He is best known today for his energetic outspoken views on individual freedom which means he is very outspoken on the reason for the debt, unemployment, restrictions to business growth and other less than desirable situations  the US finds itself in today.

I have the honor of hosting a private monthly call with Wayne. This experience has helped me understand his passionate focus on the opportunity for individuals to become very successful in any economic environment.  This was very evident in Wayne’s response to a key question asked during a recent call that I am able to share with you. In summary, the question was about how an individual can make a difference in our society dominated by growing government and debt.  Wayne advised us to focus on the opportunities for individual success.   He said there are  more than 3,000 new millionaires every day in the US.  These people are achieving this success by taking action.

The number one action step successful people take is to start their own business. Wayne highlighted a recent article in a major national publication detailing the benefits of network marketing. I spoke of my experience coaching people developing a real estate investment business. Wayne shared a number of examples of his success starting with an idea and relentlessly pursuing the idea. He is relentlessly pursuing at path that will take him to the White House. He has never failed to achieve something he set out to do and this will be no exception.

Action Steps

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3. The calls are for a select group. However, I do have an inside track. If you are interested in being  a member, email me and I will see what I can do.

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