George Ross Answers The Question What Is Now The Brand of JT Foxx

Mr. George Ross is Donald Trump’s attorney, he is the celebrity of The Original Apprentice, he is a very successful businessman. Each month I host a call for a private group of subscribers who connect with George and JT Foxx. I have been working with JT since early 2009 and have seen his business grow dramatically during one of the worst periods in US history. I have also seen JT expand from marketing real estate investment to helping all seriously interested in profitable business growth.

I know from personal experience JT is helping people who own retail stores, offer professional services, are MLM distributors, internet marketers and more. With this experience I asked George who is one of JT’s coaches this question: “We teach branding and the support of brand development as part of the coaching program…what is JT’s brand because knowing him and his business I am not able to define it.”

George Ross’s Answer To The Question What Is The Brand of JT Foxx….Absolutely Brilliant!!

Knowledge ….that is his brand. JT brings the knowledge people need to succeed in their business.

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