Peggy Noonan with The Wall Street Journal Nails It – How Far Has Obama Fallen

Google Peggy and discover how experienced and respected she is. Today she published an editorial in the Wall Street Journal  She writes : the winning politicians of the future will not  be all about I.”  This message is marketing 101 in the business world where we learn that sustainable success is achieved by those companies focused on the features and benefits for their clients.

Peggy really gets going and is right on when she discusses just what happened to a president who had everything going for him in 2009, wining by a wide margin, democratic control of the congress and now he is fighting for his political career ( or he seems to be). This president has devoted most of the last 6 months to getting re-elected. What happened to running the country being his job. Was that the reason he ignored what was really happening in Benghazi  and is that the reason he is virtually ignoring the true jobless rate, the massive increase in debt and growth in entitlements. Is that why he seems oblivious to the disconnect between him and the congress and much of the nation. Obama is not just an opponent of those opposite his views, he is an enemy of everything we stand for and an enemy of our constitution.

Peggy is a much better thought leader than me. She may not say that a vote for Obama is a vote against America but I will and I just did. But what Peggy does point out is consistent with other resources. She says Obama failed in the past four years because he had so much confidence in his abilities even though there was a lot of evidence to the contrary.  “He had confidence without full capacity”

Her conclusion is compelling “…whatever happens Mr. Obama will not own the room as once he did.  If he wins…..we will not see a different president.”  —-and that my friends is what scares me the most—-we will not see a different president.

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