Bill O’Reilly Is Very Political In His Challenge To Obama on The Race Issue

Bill O’Reilly there is no race issue. There is an issue with everyone thinking they have the answer and that answer is to control someone else.

Bill why did you avoid the real issues including:

1. The impact of welfare on divorce and out of marriage pregnancy. Come on Bill you want Obama to run ads telling black women not to get pregnant- really?

2. Legalize the drugs – yes that is correct. Study prohibition. You want to throw the book at people selling drugs. How has that been working? Take the economics out of it. Nobody has the balls to address this idea. Too political too much risk for my job. Well I am not owned by Fox or anyone and I tell you let’s go toe to toe on this one. We have had decades of the same approach and none of it has worked.

Bill O’Reilly you went after Obama and his leadership. Have you gone after his leadership on the other scandals that are so public right now. Did you go after anyone for creating new diversion from the other big issues/scandals that remain outstanding?

Bill O’Reilly we need leadership in the media. Glenn Beck,Rush, Wayne Allyn Root, Hannity are asking the tough questions. You can too and you need to be. We are counting on you.

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