July 4th 2013 – We Are No Longer Independent

Memorial DayI honor all the women and men who have fought for our country and are still fighting for the idea of our country. I am deeply saddened to see how we have ignored the infringement or our rights:

Declaration of Independence

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, libery and the the pursuit of happiness.”

We Have Failed Our Servicemen and Women Miserably

And we are failing our children miserably.

We Are Not Independent and Free

We have allowed government to outlaw God and prayer in our schools when we should be shipping those who disagree to a country where they can practice what they believe.

We allow government to continue without question when there are serious questions surrounding events including Benghazi, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombings, the IRS scandal and more. We just are complacent on these and many other issues.

I wake up in a place that shelters me, has running water and where I have access to good food for nourishment. I am truly blessed in comparison to 50% of the world’s population that struggles for acceptable drinking water and if found has minimal chance for sufficient daily nourishment. I am allowing my government to ignore this absolutely solvable condition.

We have allowed our government to establish such restrictions that the medical community goes offshore where there are amazing advancements in solving cancer, heart failure, body part failure, dementia and more.

We have allowed government to spend huge money so that people who do not understand English can receive benefits. None of my grandparents understood English and guess what –I do and so does all in my family and we achieved that without any government assistance or having to press 2 if you want to hear the message in another language.

We allowed the government to implement policies which have driven the national debt to nearly 17 trillion dollars and in reality it is over 100 trillion when you count unfunded obligations.

We have allowed government to implement policies which has resulted in unemployment being the highest ever in an period we call recovery. The unemployment rate is so high because we have allowed government to implement laws that tax growth and implement programs that make it easy for people to not move to a place where jobs are needed.

We allow the food stamp program to more than double in four years all the while there are towns crying for help because they cannot find people who will work. Many of the 47 million people on food stamps and the countless million on the government dole have the ability to work but why would they?

Bottom Line

We have allowed our government to evolve to where we do not trust those in government unless you are receiving benefits that are the primary reason unfunded programs account for over 100 million in debt. If you are in that group I feel you are delusional as to the sustainability of such programs. If you think I am against helping those in need I take you back to my childhood where none of these programs existed and we helped each other. Our country was founded on the principle of the Republic which means the rights rest primarily local and not national.

We have allowed our government to extend the responsibility for defending our country to coercing citizens by threat of confiscation of weapons and surviellence of our every move in the interest of homeland security. This extends to the outrageous search seizure and delay at our airports.

Yes we continue to enjoy many freedoms and I am always so appreciative to return to the US when traveling internationally. However I am embarrassed at the lack of vocal opposition to the truth of what our government stands for which essentially is a socialist society vs. the republic on which this country was founded

God Bless the USA and The World

Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Steve Pohlit

Author: Steve Pohlit

Independent BEMER Distributor
Real Estate Investor
Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant
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0 thoughts on “July 4th 2013 – We Are No Longer Independent”

  1. Well said Steve.
    I believe people like Meir and yourself – teaching and coaching people and businesses the truth, the basics of real success and how to create, manage, and grow that is the real answer to these problems. I believe our governments have all become too toxic to fix and in that toxicity, it festers and grows and they can no longer see the way out. No matter what the people say – it all appears to the government, like water to a rabid animal – and that is why the reaction and response of governments appears to be so crazy and insane.

    But through people, through the correct knowledge, action and process, we the people, can change this – by growing stronger together, by gaining confidence together, by gaining momentum together, and together we can become powerful and with that power and the right technology and correct action, have that power continue to accelerate it. Then we can have the power to change our toxic governments. If we are not well ourselves, have the right knowledge, we are only then part of the problem. That is why, what you and Meir and many others with Meir, are starting to do, can change the direction that we are heading. Right now that appears to be a drop of water in the ocean, but as each day goes on, there are more drops of water being created into that ocean, and that will accelerate to become the ‘mass’ that the rest of the world needs to see to change.

    We cannot afford to become toxic like our governments. We need the education, the leadership that Meir and you demonstrate. Lets become the new waters of the world, and flow out to all, show them the way out of the toxicity.


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