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Hello and thank you for your interest in my Guaranteed Results Coaching Program. Coaching and Consulting services are offered by my firm Steve Pohlit International. Most of the work is delivered by me personally. At times certain details are completed under my direction.

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Guaranteed Results Is A Bold Statement.

Let me be even more clear. We will agree on a financial performance target in the next 3- 12 months and you will hit it. If you don’t then we keep working until you do or you say stop and I will refund your money.

For Example:

You have a business with many employees and while you are working night and day your personal income is shrinking. No Problem
You are an entrepreneur and you want to get off to a fast start – maybe (I know God forbid) you are excited about MLM No Problem
You are an international company with many complex issues. No Problem
You are a real estate investor who has been taught by all of the Gurus and you are having difficulty finding or getting a deal done. I can offer a special program for you in Tampa Bay and Chicago where we guarantee you will do a deal and make money.
You are looking to buy a business or thinking of selling one. You will be well served by talking with me. I have a lot of experience in both sides of the transaction.
Send me an example of your situation and I will confirm I can help you or not.

I Understand The Weak Promises and Guarantees In The Market

They are offered with so many conditions that there is very little chance of you receiving your money back WHEN you are not happy. I have only two conditions:

1. We jointly agree on the daily weekly targets that will absolutely be measured
2. You complete the agreed upon work.

If you do these two things, you cannot fail. To start I need information from you so I can determine if you qualify. Part of the qualification process is a complimentary coaching session. During that session you will receive 1-3 ideas and tools that will instantly mean a huge difference in results. So if we are not a good match, you will still have my most powerful tool for getting results. Please Click Here to start

The Only Thing That Matters Is Your Success

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Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround, Real Estate Investment and Life Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround, Real Estate Investment and Life Coach

Play Buffet Asks Are There Any Habits You Would Add To The List

Play BuffetYes my dear Facebook friend’s name is Play Buffet and this is her picture. I know gorgeous! From her postings on FB I can tell she is also a very bright woman. Here is an example:

She asks the question on my Facebook wall Are there any habits my millionaire buddies might recommend adding to this list?

This list she is referring to is 9 Habits of Successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs

My Commitment To Play Buffet: I will answer and I will do so with an article – this one and why? Because this requires thought in support of a one sentence headline which I think is what she is looking for. I really like this lady so I am giving my answer a lot of thought.

My Answer

I considered:

Follow the processes and you cannot fail! True however there is a lot to that one and outside the scope of what Play is looking for.

Success is an inside job! True but again a larger topic.

Drum Roll…..

My Answer :Apply the formula to what the data is telling you and you will succeed beyond your most amazing dreams and desires.

You may find this example unusual. I have a client who a month ago was making no money – $0. This week he made $439.00. Now the reason I am using this client as an example is because he potential is millions per week. He will get there I already see the outcome and know how to get him there. However it cannot happen until he takes the first steps and makes the first dollar which he has.

In this example it is simple – the data is there is no revenue so we apply the non-existence formula because his business is not existent. So what is that formula. Easy first establish communication with your prospective customer. There is a lot more to this but you can see without any communication line there is no business.

In the article The 9 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs all of the stories have great advice. None of them really demonstrate they get it it although it is possible they do. So when there are huge successes with a new idea people point to all sorts of reasons. The reality is the market wants their idea. Look at an idea like Blackberry or Sony or Woolworth or I can go on. All once high fliers. They ignored the data. They did.

Thank you Play Buffet for offering me the opportunity to share with you and your followers my views. I am always available to discuss these in greater detail with you.

Much Love and Prosperity Your Way


Meir Ezra and Guaranteed Results

Meir Ezra -The Business Leader, Teacher, Coach With The Iron Clad Guarantee

“Follow The Processes And You Cannot Fail”

Those are the words that first caught my attention in November 2012. Since that time I have invested over 1,000 hours in training with Meir Ezra and supporting resources. It is not the training that results in the guarantee. It is the application of the training that allows Meir to clearly state with every product offered that he guarantees you will be happy with the event or course or coaching. If not your money is returned.

What Is The Secret Behind Offering An Iron Clad Guarantee?

There is not secret! Here is the formula and I know because I now work with him and I am responsible for the Division that delivers coaching and courses. The formula.

1. Deliver amazing content that is so valuable for building a business and is founded on principles of personal ethics and happiness.
2. Structure a coaching system where the client sees progress daily and when they do not they understand what action is needed. This system like other business processes begins with clear targets. These targets are part of a bigger picture of developing a client organization that has seven divisions in harmony. The larger picture is in line of site however, this ideal scene is developed by producing income from transactions. The faster the client is able to produce income the sooner the idea scene can be painted. The daily and weekly focus is on answering the question “what do I need to do today to get the lead that I want, sell the product or service I want – in other words what do I need to do today to achieve my daily weekly monthly etc goals?” Of course that is how the client is guided by the coach.
3. Meir leads the team that delivers the services to the clients. This does not just mean he is at the top of the Organization Board. This means he tracks everything that is being done and in the case of coaching there is a third party quality control system that includes a written report and a recording that goes directly to Meir and the coach.
4. Meir Ezra teaches and lives the principle “we are the cause”! This means if the client is not succeeding it is because of the teacher not the client unless there is a personal behavior barrier for the client. Even then Meir’s view is let’s help the person then we can restore helping them build their business.

This is only a “birds eye” view of the process. For me personally, I have consistently achieved success with coaching clients. Now that I am applying what Meir teaches, I am seeing the success curve increasing much more rapidly. Here is one example and we have quite a few developing at this point: One of our clients has a definitive skill but was not using that skill to make money. He was working on an idea for a different business when we met him. Meir looked at this situation and in a couple minutes outlined the plan for him making money. I called him today since he had not responded to several emails and he is normally very good about that. He apologized and said he has just been busy working with companies and making money. I will get an update on then numbers in a few days. I already know he is on track to exceed his targeted monthly income.

I will end with this: As a coach I am accountable for the success of those I coach. As a Div Head I am accountable for the success of all in the coaching program. With the support of Meir Ezra and by following the processes the clients will achieve and in most cases exceed their success expectations. I am very happy to be able to write this with such certainty.

May your success exceed your most amazing dreams and desires!

Steve Pohlit

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