How To Reduce Healthcare Costs That Are Already Out of Control

“You Don’t Have To Cure What You Can Prevent”  I love that quote shared by Paul St. John who leads the science and medical parts of our weekly product presentations

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Being healthy means a lot more than not having to spend money on medical care. It also means your physical energy and mental acuity are at levels that result in consistent productivity. Productive employees and entrepreneurs are very valuable. Healthy and productive people do not miss days of work because of illness. Lost time on the job or in your own business is more costly than the cost of health care in many cases. health care costs by age Source ForbesWith that check out the chart and that is data in 2012 so the numbers are higher.

I am an entrepreneur. I am no longer on anyone’s payroll. If I get sick or develop some disease state that takes me out of my business, I have to pay for the care and I am not able to build my business. Knowing that taking care of my health has always been a priority. However it was not until about 3 years ago that I learned how to maintain my weight within my defined target with a sustainable nutrition program.

Nearly a year ago I learned that even with nutritious food, healthy water and quality supplements the blood flow at my micro vessel level was likely to have a certain degree of impairment. While I cannot see this system which is 74%-174% of my body’s circulation system, I knew there has to be some issues because like everyone I am biologically aging, I am exposed to toxins and chemicals, I am exposed to AC radiation from cell phones, WiFi, radio signals, TV signals, I have varying degrees of stress in my life, I am bombarded when I go through airports and more. Knowing this now I am somewhat surprised I have not had any real problems yet. However I immediately acquired the bio technology medical device I now represent because it’s signal is the only product in the world that significantly enhances blood flow at the micro vessel level. So now by using it for 8 minutes twice a day I am improving my circulatory system and further minimizing my risk of developing adverse health conditions.

Comprehensive Preventive Healthcare Program

As I reflect on those periods where I was managing employees including a rather large business that I owned with a partner, I realize that if I were to do that today I would implement a preventive health care program with the medical device as its foundation. This program would include a company policy on health that would detail the requirement for no unhealthy food or drinks in vending machines, consistent education on healthy lifestyle, preventive counseling and using the medical device daily as part of the job description. I would support the acquisition of medical devices for the home and employee’s family and be certain everyone was trained in its proper use. We would track improvements in health measurements like blood sugar, blood pressure and incorporate live blood analysis which is easy to do.

Trends in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and more are at epidemic levels which means there is a high probability of a costly incident if aggressive preventive measures are not taken. Again it is not just the cost of care. It is the cost of lost productivity and ever worse losing a valuable person.

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Regarding the FDA Approved Medical Device:

A red button with the words "Take action" on itIf you still are not clear about how valuable the device is for your health contact me and I will help clear up any questions.. I have found that when a person  understands what this does and how it helps us, they start moving in the direction of owning one. Once people own one most begin sharing the information and possibly the experience with others. The culture of the company is all about helping others and it feels really good to do that.

I sincerely wish you the best of health and will continue to share information with you about this incredible system. My intention is that you join the growing group of people benefiting from  8 minutes twice a day lying on your own device

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