It Is Never To Late To Begin Your Business

“It’s never too late to start a business as long as you work long enough to understand the ins and outs of what you are about to do, know that you can do it, but you have to do it with research”  Dr Joyce Knudsen

Now is a great time to position yourself for the new year. I highly recommend working in a niche where there is huge demand for information and where people are spending a lot of money on products as well. The number one niche is health and wellness.

Next, I recommend selecting a company and product that is backed by amazing scientific research including double blind studies. Bonus: select a company where there seems to be a lot of competition but in reality there   is none.

You can begin quickly with the company and product line I highly recommend. You do not have to spend a huge amount of time learning the ins and outs as Dr Joyce suggests. The research is very easy to navigate so your due diligence time is minimal. As an example, when I was introduced to the company and main product, I began sharing information the very next day following my order being placed and I had my system in 5 business days after order placement. I have been on a roll since.

The company and bio electric magnetic energy regulation medical device I represent is incredible. All information shared is backed by science No competitor can compare to the results from what is does. No selling – this is an information share model. For more detailed information message me me or text.


Steve Pohlit
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This JV Deal Builds Wealth and Has A Significant Humanitarian Benefit

We delivered advice to a company that was very valuable. When they benefited greatly, we were granted us an exclusive entry at a founder’s price .  Now we are sharing that benefit.

Key points

Immediate value at multiples of the amount funded.  Ex Fund $3 million and your money receives equity interest in assets and stock valued in multiples of that. No waiting – it is instant.

The JV partner will participate in cash flow earnings and these are likely to be increasingly lucrative.

The business platform is income producing in a very solid niche market.

There is a direct link to growing  operations and the recovery of  a large area severely affected by storms.

That is all I can share unless you sign and non disclosure agreement and you are qualified.


Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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Rare Joint Venture Opportunity In Commercial Real Estate

$7.5 Million

Immediate Equity that increases the already lucrative annual ROI

Rock solid 10 year triple net lease in place

NDA required for details and viable options for qualified investors

Yes the entire deal can be purchased and there is a very exciting upside doing that.


Steve Pohlit
Managing Partner, Time To Be Great, LLC
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