What Distinguishes My Business and Real Estate Investment Coaching and Consulting Practice From Nearly All Others and Is The Foundation of My Results Guaranteed Coaching Program

Fail Proof System!

There is a fail proof system to organize and manage any business. In fact cities and countries should use the system. Note this does not mean it is cookie cutter. It must me adopted for your company.

Successful Experience

I have extensive experience as an executive, business owner, entrepreneur, consultant and coach in the following industries:

Real Estate Investment – the focus of my business now
-Convenience Stores
-Women’s clothing (big international business)
-Auto Parts
-Heave equipment
-high tech
-Auto Glass
-Service Provider
-Social Media
Long Haul Trucking
Utility Trailers
General Contracting/Construction

A number of the businesses are very large. One is more than $15 billion. Others are small to medium size companies and I have helped many independent entrepreneurs. This experience led to fine tune systems for success. Last year I released my first book “Building Business Profits Fast

Enhanced Systems

I have since been coached and mentored on enhanced system which are touched on in the book but not in-depth. The three main parts of the enhanced system are:

1. Organization Development or the Org Board
2. Admin Scale or The Spine
3. Management by Statistics

The scope of what are in these three categories is extensive. If we work together you will know the source and I will guide you step by step on how to implement these major tools. For now here is a brief summary

Org Board

Every company has 7 divisions and this applies to whether you are one person or millions. Knowing how to set up and manage your company within the structure of these divisions literally takes out the guess work in how to succeed. The next two areas actually fall under the umbrella of the org board – or at least that is how I think about it.

Admin Scale

My mentor refers to this as The Spine because like the human spine if one of the parts are damaged or out there is great pain. The Admin Scale consists of

Ideal Scenes
Valuable Final Product

Before I continue with the last part I want you to know that my coaching and consulting work accelerates the implementation of all of this by my attention to what is most important now and the gradually painting the entire picture. My message to you is do not be intimidated by the scope of what I am briefly describing here. Welcome it because you are now learning about the processes that if followed mean you cannot fail. You cannot!

Management by Statistics – There are 6 Basic Statistical Trends

(From a priority point of view capturing the data and running the graphs are just about the top of the list. This specific tool is the  reason I can confidently offer

Results-GuaranteedResults Guaranteed Coaching 

Non- Existence

I am including one example of one graph. Here is the important point: once you know the condition (what graph you are in) for any function, division or overall company performance there is a precise formula you follow for that condition. To follow it effectively the principles of the Org Board and Admin Scale must largely be in place.

affluence stat

Most of the detailed implementation steps that are published on my blogs and in my book are all used depending on the scope of the project. Going into all the details on marketing actions, The Gold Formula tm, Financial modeling, training and development is outside the scope of this article.

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Intellectual Understanding Does Not Mean You Will Implement 

One of my clients this morning told me the number one benefit of my program was keeping them focused on what is important.

In my experience people make a lot of progress during coaching and lose momentum if they interrupt the coaching process. For a Free Coaching Consultation Click Here  

May Your Success Exceed All Your Dreams and Desires

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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Steve Pohlit, Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Investor. Published Author, Professional Speaker
Steve Pohlit, Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Investor. Published Author, Professional Speaker


Success Mastery: The 5 Pillars of Business Success

Success MasteryWhat happens when you apply the 80:20 rule to the actions that must be completed to achieve stellar revenue and profit growth?

These Results:

Extraordinary profits

Harmonious work environment

Continual positive growth in revenue and profits that far surpasses your competition.

How do you achieve these goals?

Take a look at how most companies are run and don’t do what they do. People in most companies spend the majority of their time on activities that have little or no impact on building revenue and profits.

Your Focus!

First there are only five (5) areas of business that need your attention. Hold out your hand and look at your fingers and thumb – 5. Now follow with me on this because I am not in a room with you to reinforce the point. Hold out your hand and assign each of the (5) pillars as follows:

1.Sales – thumb
2.Gross Margin – index finger
3.Expenses – your “flip em” finger
4.Working Capital – next finger
5.Employees – pinky

80% of your time as an owner or CEO should be spent on these 5 pillars and 80% of the 80% should be spent on Sales (includes PR, marketing) and Gross Margin – the first two.  I will add that it is not just the current day’s or week’s performance. As founder you are the leader of these organizational divisions and most of all you are responsible for the strategic expansion of the business.

Normally there are minimal issues with managing liquidity and if any area of expense begins to be out of balance, it doesn’t hurt much while you are bringing it back in line.

When you are achieving extraordinary sales and gross margin, everyone wants to work for you. Of course there is a very precise technology in hiring the right people and having them become successful.

Again there is a precise technology to be used in each of the five pillars that is outside the scope of this article. However, if you focus on marketing, PR, sales and margin you will likely be doing very well while you fine tune the entire organizational structure toward your perfect business model. 

Nearly every article published at www.stevepohlit.com expanded upon the management of components of the five pillars. In most cases, the information contains practical advice that you can implement beginning today.

I have found that if the concepts are not actionable quickly and do not yield positive results quickly, people lose interest. It is no different than an exercise program.

If physical exercise is too rigorous, too demanding or takes too much time, it will not be sustained over time. Running a company is no different. The process must result in continual positive feedback as to progress toward achieving measurable goals.

Right now list the top 3 issues that are holding you back from making breakthrough profits in your business. Then start devoting at least 80% of your time solving those three issues. Once solved, do it again and keep doing it. Simple stuff.

For Your Success!
Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International LLC
Results Guaranteed Coaching and Consulting

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Trump e1345082132859 Success Mastery   Simple Actions To Jump Start The Profit Performance of Your Business

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach




How Your Book Helps Build Your Business – Google Hangout with Steve Pohlit and Alan Bechtold

During this Google Hangout you will learn 22 ways your book helps you make a lot of money without even selling one copy. This presentation addresses all major barriers to book writing and publishing. Alan Bechtold is an expert publisher, editor and marketer. This was a great wake up call for me to implement more of his 22 points and publish my second book. Get your paper and pens ready you are about to experience some very valuable information.

Steve Pohlit

The Exact Steps To Building Sales and Gross Margin

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The Exact Steps To Building Sales and Gross Margin

You must first know the customers and products that account for 80% of your sales and profit. Please note that this required in-depth analysis of product sales and gross margin by customer. For some companies they may have a select number of customers that account for a large percentage of the revenue but do not account for the same percentage of profits.

Once you have this data then it is a matter of implementing programs to increase sales (see bonus below). Do not ignore gross margin. You cost of delivering a product or service to a customer could possibly be reduced with a resultant increase in profits, pricing may need to be adjusted or both.

Bonus Note: There are only three ways to increase sales:

1) sell more to existing customers
2) increase the transaction size of sales to existing customers and,
3) acquire new customers.

Also please note that increasing sales does not mean that profits will increase at the same rate or at all. For example, it can cost you more in the first year to acquire a new customer than that customer brings in first year profits. If that is the case you might be asking why would you do that. You might do that if the lifetime value of the customer exceeded the cost of acquiring that customer by enough of a margin to make it worth you time, money and energy.

Recently I completed this exercise with a client and directed the sales manager to schedule a meeting with the largest customer. The purpose of the meeting was to negotiate higher prices. The meeting was successful and the client realized an immediate benefit to profits as a result of this work. The effort was then extended to remaining customers and this client went from a break even profit model to earning 7-9% net income before tax on sales volume of approximately $12 million. Does the process work? It works every time.

Steve’s Law of Growing Market Share Part 1:

If You Use Half The Tools Available For Growing Sales and Gross Margin You Will Be In The Top 20% of Companies In Your Industry As Measured by Annual Sales Growth. 

Steve’s Law of Growing Market Share Part 2:

If you use 90% of the tools available to you for growing market share and profits, you will achieve elite status. If you consistently use those tools each day, week and month, you will maintain elite status and be healthier and happier along the way.

May You Achieve Success Beyond Your Most Amazing Dreams

Steve Pohlit,
Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach
Managing Partner,
Steve Pohlit International LLC


How To Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Business Profits

How To Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Business Profits 

Toward the end of November I began positioning our clients for a fast start to increased results in the next year. Each person was assigned the task of preparing the detailed business plan for 2014. Of course I am guiding them on how to do this and I am being guided by my coach and mentor Meir Ezra.

There is a lot of foundational material behind the following outline that includes seminars, courses and more. As you read this understand there is an exact process to follow and that leads me to the one statement that when I heard Meir first say it in November 2012 started a whole new journey for me. That is: “if you follow the process, you cannot fail!”

Step 1: Write The Plan

With every client we move along a gradient scale. What that means is every person has different levels of experience and their plan will mirror their ability to implement. Regardless of experience, every client needs to have a very clear starting point backed by data. The data for established companies will include the history of sales, gross profit, expenses profit, cash and more. The data tells us the condition of the business. With that definition we will apply the right formula.

Clients just starting their business are in a non-existent condition for that business so the first step is for to make themselves known in the market place. Clients with weakening performance are in a danger condition and the first step for that condition is for the owner to by- pass key people and routines. There are six primary conditions and related formulas. The conditions apply to the company and to positions in the company. Graphing the data gives us the condition. Once know we know what to do – apply the right formula.

Know your condition as you move into 2014 so when you define your performance targets you are already implementing the right actions to achieve the targets. The performance targets include all major statistics: sales, profit, cash, debt, owner’s reserve as an example. The plan needs to address scope of business. For example we have real estate investors now expanding from doing their first residential deal to looking at multi-family buy and hold, being a referring funding partner, new construction and more. They are moving along the gradient scale. We have a client with a retail business now looking to expand the product offer, add an online store and open new locations. Candidly with any of these people if I would have begun to paint the expanded picture when I first started working with them they would not have believed it and they likely would have become stuck.

At this point clients are at the stage of the plan being an operating plan. We are currently looking at a near term horizon which for most is the year. For most a more strategic view is still emerging . Right now what is most important is for each to achieve their income goals as that will fuel strategic development.

Company targets are measurements behind the company plan. The company plan and targets are supported by sub-plans or mini plans. The mini plans have scope of business and targets. For example the retailer has a plan and targets for his main location and a plan for the online business and new locations. The real estate investor has a plan and target for the total business and mini plans for the residential buy fix and resale segment, the multi-family buy and hold segment and so on. Another client has plans for providing tech services to different market segments like home based businesses, businesses with employees, professional service firms, restaurants and more. The key is to have a specific mini plan for each segment or niche where you are developing business. Like your company operating plan the min-plan has specific performance targets.

This outline is very similar to the detailed material presented in my book Building Business Profits Fast The difference now is the additional information on defining conditions of the business and positions and apply the right formula for the condition. Since many reading this may not understand completely the condition part of this outline I recommend defining your company and mini plan targets with a huge emphasis on programs to nurture existing customers and massively expand through effective marketing and PR for new customers or deals.

Step 2

Program your annual company and mini plan into monthly and weekly plans. For our tech services client we have daily income targets. We are moving in that direction with our retail products store client and professional services client.

Step 3 Define Daily Targets for Each Task

Define the daily tasks that must be done to achieve the weekly and monthly targets. For example a number of daily tasks for every client are in the category of marketing. Real estate investors are calling realtors and other people connected with properties. A professional services person is calling prospective clients or people who may be connected to prospective clients.

Normally email marketing and social media marketing is part of the tasks that are performed. The key is a clear definition of the number of calls, the number of emails, the number of postings to groups on Facebook or LinkedIn as an example and the number is targeted by day. We have an excel spreadsheet set up for this that we call Target and Statistics.

Once set up for the week, there is one more action that is the key to achieving the targeted tasks and that action is scheduling the time on the calendar for getting the tasks done. This one action usually improves productivity by 50% or more.

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May your success exceed all your dreams and desires

Steve Pohlit, Business Coach and Consultant
Steve Pohlit, Business Coach and Consultant

Steve Pohlit

Guaranteed Results

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Guaranteed Results Is A Bold Statement.

Let me be even more clear. We will agree on a financial performance target in the next 3- 12 months and you will hit it. If you don’t then we keep working until you do or you say stop and I will refund your money.

For Example:

  • You have a business with many employees and while you are working night and day your personal income is shrinking. No Problem
  • You are an entrepreneur and you want to get off to a fast start – maybe (I know God forbid) you are excited about MLM No Problem
  • You are an international company with many complex issues. No Problem
  • You are a real estate investor who has been taught by all of the Gurus and you are having difficulty finding or getting a deal done. I can offer a special program for you in Tampa Bay and Chicago where we guarantee you will do a deal and make money.
  • You are looking to buy a business or thinking of selling one. You will be well served by talking with me. I have a lot of experience in both sides of the transaction.
  • Send me an example of your situation and I will confirm I can help you or not.

I Understand The Weak Promises and Guarantees In The Market

They are offered with so many conditions that there is very little chance of you receiving your money back WHEN you are not happy. I have only two conditions:

1. We jointly agree on the daily weekly targets that will absolutely be measured
2. You complete the agreed upon work.

If you do these two things, you cannot fail. To start I need information from you so I can determine if you qualify. Part of the qualification process is a complimentary coaching session. During that session you will receive 1-3 ideas and tools that will instantly mean a huge difference in results. So if we are not a good match, you will still have my most powerful tool for getting results. Please Click Here to start

The Only Thing That Matters Is Your Success

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Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround, Real Estate Investment and Life Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround, Real Estate Investment and Life Coach

DAMMIT (lol) – Must Be the Worst Video Ever

Since This Video Apparently Sucks I Am Offering You My Book Free Plus A Free Coaching Session Just Register Here

Hi when I did this video I was so elated. I thought literally thousands of people would want to see to watch and take action on what was presented. Well the results suck. As I republish this 32 people have watched it and that includes me clicking on it nearly 30 times. I don’t know what I did wrong after all I have only been marketing on line for about 18 years.

Do me a favor and watch this – it is pretty short – 2 min and 46 seconds. Please share your comments about the video and this offer.

May your success exceed your most amazing dreams

Steve Pohlit

Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Giving Back On My Birthday – November 8 with My Book for FREE plus More. Value Is Greater Than $2,000

I have been blessed by all those who have taught me through example, personal guidance, in books, lectures and more. In celebration of me being here I want to raise the bar on what I am offering that will help you. Here is my offer
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Steve Pohlit, International Business  Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Thank you
Steve Pohlit

Why The Genius Tour Is Important for Your Success and What Cities Is The Event Being Held

We Are Teaching

What determines income – it is not what you think

The precise way to expand your business and life – you will be amazed to discover if you follow the processes you cannot fail.

Exchange In Abundance and many other principles that likely you do not know and are essential for your prosperity in your work and in your life.

What Is Exchange In Abundance?

You will learn at The Genius Tour there are four kinds of exchange. Exchange in Abundance is one of them and is the most important. Exchange In Abundance is behind all success. It simply means doing more than what is expected. For example, in business when someone buys your offer you give them more than what they paid for.

Where Are The Events and How Do We Deliver Exchange In Abundance?

First – How The Genius Tour Delivers Exchange In Abundance

1. Valuable content for two days – no pitch fest.
2. You are paid the entry fee of $99 for every person you bring. Bring one registered person and the payment to you for this person covers your cost of registration. Use this as a money maker by bringing more people.
3. You become an instant partner in the business model of Guaranteed Prosperity which is the parent for The Genius Tour. This is significant and I will explain in more detail when we meet at an upcoming event.

The Genius Tour with Meir Ezra is unlike any other event or seminar you have ever attended because it will expand your knowledge in way that you have likely never experienced.

Coming To A City Near You All Events Start At 9AM

Toronto October 11 and 12
Atlanta October 19 and 20
Phoenix October 26 and 27
Dallas November 2 and 3
San Antonio November 9 and 10
Portland November 16 and 17
Houston November 23 and 24
Las Vegas December 7 and 8
Ft. Lauderdale December 14 and 15

Meet Our Teacher, Mentor, Coach and Friend Meir Ezra

Do You Have Question – Would You Like More Information?

Contact Me

Steve Pohlit

Author of: Building Business Profits Fast
Meir Ezra Div4 Exec Including:
International Business Turnaround and Development Consulting
Real Estate Investment Consulting
Executive Coach

My New Honey

This is about my search for My New Honey…today I am launching My New Honey …my intent to attract the love of my life going forward. I am not in a relationship. I am not dating anyone. I am connected to wonderful people worldwide. I am intending to expand who I am with the synergy that comes with the love with a special person. I have had that experience, now it is time to attract that person for the next phase of my life.

I feel the death of my father and reflecting on him essentially checking out very quickly after my mom died was a message I was intended to pay attention to. The message was to step it up in attracting the woman that I am intended to share my life with from this point. You will see at My New Honey that I have provided alot of information. I will be regularly adding more. You will see that I have expanded this idea from me to you. This means it is possible my approach to finding my love will work for you as well…who knows. This is a completely different approach from all of the on line dating site.

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
I could write a book about this and maybe I will. For now it is time to get the message out there. I am open to receiving the woman I am intended to share my life with going forward.

Visit My New Honey – Click Here Now

You are reading this because we are connected …Thank you.

God Bless you and all