The Go- Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann – A Very Valuable Book

The Go-Giver

Last year I released the book Buiilding Business Profits Fast   The intent of this book is to provide a blueprint for well building business profits fast  It does that and now I am recommending that you get The Go-Giver book by Bob Burg and John David Mann and be sure to read, study and have a number of copies of one sheet printed with The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success you will learn from the book.

I really love the writing style of using a story to deliver very valuable lessons. I think Og Mandino was the first author I read using this approach. Others include Robin Sharma and most recently until last night Kris Krohn with his book Conscious Creator The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann arrived at my home yesterday and I began studying it last night. It  Is short and very powerful. I would love to give you the laws it teaches but listing them for you would not be fair to the authors. Get the boo! Note: It is not a game changer because only you can change your game. This will guide you. What came to me this morning is how powerful the message is in this book when used on conjunction with the Six  laws of conscious creating the book by Kris Krohn Kris tells me there are actually 7 and I will discover the 7th when I take the Conscious Creator Live program. That along with an rapidly expanding vault of information is the foundation of The Conscious Creating Mentoring Network – a division of The Strongbrook Group.

If you go to and bring up the book The Go-Getter you will have the opportunity to read the first chapter for no charge. Go ahead and do that buy while you are there buy the book. You will have no regrets.

Here is one example of a principle I knew but was delivered to me in the book in a way that I am likely not to forget: The Law of Compensation “Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.” You want  more income. Serve more people. Look a popular movie starts, singers, high income network marketers – all serve a large number of people.  That is one of five laws in the book and there is a great story surrounding each one which makes them easy to remember.

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Strongbrook and The Incredible Value of Their Conscious Creator Mentoring Network

The Strongbrook Group has three divisions

1. Investment
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Conscious Creator Mentoring Network (referred to as their personal development network and mentoring division)

The Conscious Creator Mentoring Network is best explained in this 4 minute video.

Attention: Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Influencers

Kris Krohn, Steve Pohlit, Kalenn Krohn
Kris Krohn,Founder, Steve Pohlit Kalenn Krohn
There is a major benefit to having your best content approved by Strongbrook to be included in their mentoring vault. Those advantages include

1. Increased exposure to your resources from the entire membership of Conscious Creator Mentoring Network which is growing very rapidly.
2. Drive your list to the mentoring division and benefit economically when they join Strongbrook
3. JV with Strongbrook on you high ticket professional service programs.
4. The Biggest Benefit – when you join your membership is duplicated for a disadvantaged person, you are helping Strongbrook mentor them to grow out of their current circumstances. This is a one for one. Every new member results in a new gift.

The Strongbrook Group There is more so much more than a brief article can present. Here are some links for you to explore:

Conscious Creator Mentoring Division

Become A Mentor

Entrepreneurship Division

Investment Division

Let me help you with any questions and I have a direct line to the founder who is very interested helping any way he can.

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Strongbrook for positive residual cash flow What Do You Want?

When asked , most people’s answers include some variation of the following:

1. Good health
2. Financial freedom
3. Meaningful relationships

The definition of each of these is personal.  However, in order to achieve your definition of each and all of this top three list the intended outcome or goal needs to be clear. This article is mostly focused on the second item in the list – Achieving  Financial Freedom – This is A Solution

Most people know that residual income means money that comes to you on a recurring basis without you having to repeat an action.  For example, if you have money invested in a fund the yields a 4% return, the return is residual.  People who produce  songs, movies, books receive royalties which is residual. Those who build a successful team in a network marketing business earn a residual income.  If you own a business that has employees and is profitable, the earnings can be considered residual.

Residual income equals financial freedom  when the income exceeds the expenses of the lifestyle you desire.  For most people this can never be a reality because there has not been a practical, predictable way to achieve this – until now.

In the last month I learned of a company whose business model is totally focused on providing everyone regardless of how much or little money they have with the product and support for not only achieving financial freedom but also offering the resources for achieving improved health, fitness and relationships.  More on the health and relationship solutions in another article 

The Foundation of Financial Freedom

The Strongbrook Group.  has three pillars to their business model which are:

1.  Real Estate:  helping people develop their own single family home portfolio that are rented and produce positive monthly cash flow – residual income that achieves the individual’s financial freedom definition.  This is a 100% do it for you model with your involvement being making the decisions. This model in the real estate industry is called labeled Turnkey .  Take a close look at how this can help you achieve your financial freedom goal.  Click Here

Gift For You: FREE Book   strait-path-book

2. Entrepreneurship: in this pillar Strongbrook has developed a system for helping people currently not in a position to make a down payment on a turnkey residential property.  The name of this division is Strongbrook Direct  My view is that this is brilliant because there is now a way for anyone to create an income stream that is the foundation for buying your own properties.  Click Here to learn more about Strongbrook Direct.

Realtors Brokers Discover Added Benefits – Click Here 

3. Personal Development: the newest division of Strongbrook is Conscious Creator Mentoring Network.  All of us can benefit from mentors and we advance the fastest when specialists help us.  There is an exciting  business opportunity and a pay it forward model that are part of this exciting new division.  I will share more about this very soon.  For now, anyone who has achieved a measure of success has mentors and devotes meaningful time to personal development. All of us need to have and use a personal development program. Strongbrook is bringing together some of the best resources and mentors for us.

“I Am Responsible”

It should be clear that depending on the government,  a company, and in many cases the community for your health and well being  is at best a very risky strategy.  Independently secure in the areas of health, prosperity and relationships is a practical and achievable goal. Strongbrook is a very sound well established company and there is an extended team to help you as well.  

This is a brief introduction. I have included some links to help you learn more and I am available to answer your questions.  The next move is up to you.

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My Formula For Success Has Expanded

Success Mastery - Setting GoalsIn my last article I detailed 5 Actions That Will Improve Your Business and Your Life Starting Now. That article is posted below for your convenience.  This past weekend I studied Grant Carbone’s book 10x

Grant expanded my thinking and added fuel to the tank so to speak.  One example will illustrate: Let’s say you have a goal to make $8,000 per month. You take action but fall short by 50%.  So your results are $4,000.

What if you had set your goal at $80,000 and fell short by 50%? I think you see the point.  The related message is with a 10x goal you would be more focused and aggressive with your actions.  Of course there is a lot more to it and I am really happy my coach gave me the assignment to read this book and do all the exercises.


Results-GuaranteedSpecial Offer: 1 complimentary coaching call plus one call a week for 6 weeks -7 calls total. I have priced this to be affordable for nearly everyone and if money is your issue I am open to a JV. Start now and in one month or less you will see results guaranteed!

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Here is a refresher on the 5 Actions I mentioned:

5 Actions That Will Improve Your Business and Your Life Today 

Step 1 Clearly define the outcome in measurable terms.

Step 2 Develop a plan of action to achieve the outcome

Step 3 Define milestones for achievement. Often in business those are quarterly and monthly. Quarterly and monthly milestones are not enough. What milestones need to be achieved today to bring you closer to your goal. These milestones or targets need to be measurable.

Step 4 The Gold Formula tm is my simple measurement of monitoring the variances from your actual plan. Actual minus Plan = Variance. The variance is gold because it tells you what to do. You cannot have a variance unless you have a plan and measure actual results against the plan. Today we are graphing key statistics. The graphs tell us the condition and then we are able to apply the formula for success based on the condition. Management by Statistics is the single biggest enhancement for performance in business and life that I have learned.

Step 5 Enjoy the process and continually refine your targets

These five steps are the foundation for how I work and how I coach. They are the reason I can offer my Results Guaranteed Coaching Program By the way I have a coach that holds me accountable and I am very grateful for him.

Special Offer: 1 complimentary coaching call plus one call a week for 6 weeks -7 calls total. I have priced this to be affordable for nearly everyone and if money is your issue I am open to a JV. Start now and in one month or less you will see results guaranteed!

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Steve Pohlit, Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Investor. Published Author, Professional Speaker
Steve Pohlit, Business and Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Real Estate Investor. Published Author, Professional Speaker

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Christmas 2013

ChristmasDuring  this particularly special and holy week, I express heartfelt gratitude for all including those whose views are completely opposite of mine. Those opposite me challenge my thinking and I like that.

I am especially grateful for those family and friends close to me. We may not be around the corner but you are right here with me and I love you.

As we move into Christmas Eve and Christmas my intention for all is to focus on all your dreams coming true because they can. Let go of all that is in the past except as the past serves as part of your learning. Release the emotion connected to that learning.

Our greatest opportunity is to be as excited about what we view as negative as that which experience as positive. All of it is simply part of this process we label life and it is our choice as to view it.

Edison’s success is based on his incredible curiosity. Be curious and grateful about all in you life.

Phil Robertson, regardless of your views of the recent publicity writes in effect that fame and money come and go while the Laws of the Universe are the Rock.

I love you and Merry Christmas.


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I have been blessed by all those who have taught me through example, personal guidance, in books, lectures and more. In celebration of me being here I want to raise the bar on what I am offering that will help you. Here is my offer
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Please comment if you like this.

Steve Pohlit, International Business  Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

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Play Buffet Asks Are There Any Habits You Would Add To The List

Play BuffetYes my dear Facebook friend’s name is Play Buffet and this is her picture. I know gorgeous! From her postings on FB I can tell she is also a very bright woman. Here is an example:

She asks the question on my Facebook wall Are there any habits my millionaire buddies might recommend adding to this list?

This list she is referring to is 9 Habits of Successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs

My Commitment To Play Buffet: I will answer and I will do so with an article – this one and why? Because this requires thought in support of a one sentence headline which I think is what she is looking for. I really like this lady so I am giving my answer a lot of thought.

My Answer

I considered:

Follow the processes and you cannot fail! True however there is a lot to that one and outside the scope of what Play is looking for.

Success is an inside job! True but again a larger topic.

Drum Roll…..

My Answer :Apply the formula to what the data is telling you and you will succeed beyond your most amazing dreams and desires.

You may find this example unusual. I have a client who a month ago was making no money – $0. This week he made $439.00. Now the reason I am using this client as an example is because he potential is millions per week. He will get there I already see the outcome and know how to get him there. However it cannot happen until he takes the first steps and makes the first dollar which he has.

In this example it is simple – the data is there is no revenue so we apply the non-existence formula because his business is not existent. So what is that formula. Easy first establish communication with your prospective customer. There is a lot more to this but you can see without any communication line there is no business.

In the article The 9 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs all of the stories have great advice. None of them really demonstrate they get it it although it is possible they do. So when there are huge successes with a new idea people point to all sorts of reasons. The reality is the market wants their idea. Look at an idea like Blackberry or Sony or Woolworth or I can go on. All once high fliers. They ignored the data. They did.

Thank you Play Buffet for offering me the opportunity to share with you and your followers my views. I am always available to discuss these in greater detail with you.

Much Love and Prosperity Your Way


Syria – What Americans Think

What people post on line is a reflection of what they think. The volume of posts on Syria is huge. The following are what I see without looking actually. What that means is I am not searching for Syria stories and points of view. What is amazing is that I see no posts from Americans in favor of aggressive action toward Syria except from the Obama team. It is time our elected officials listen to those who elected them. If they know something that we don’t the time is now to disclose it.

Ron Paul Explain This ShitMartin Luther King on Silence is Betrayal

Obama Speed of Action on Syria

Congress First


Ran Paul We Don't Trust Obama

Obama Unfit to Lead

Kerry We Will Do What We Want

Call Congress No War On Syria

Why The Genius Tour Is Important for Your Success and What Cities Is The Event Being Held

We Are Teaching

What determines income – it is not what you think

The precise way to expand your business and life – you will be amazed to discover if you follow the processes you cannot fail.

Exchange In Abundance and many other principles that likely you do not know and are essential for your prosperity in your work and in your life.

What Is Exchange In Abundance?

You will learn at The Genius Tour there are four kinds of exchange. Exchange in Abundance is one of them and is the most important. Exchange In Abundance is behind all success. It simply means doing more than what is expected. For example, in business when someone buys your offer you give them more than what they paid for.

Where Are The Events and How Do We Deliver Exchange In Abundance?

First – How The Genius Tour Delivers Exchange In Abundance

1. Valuable content for two days – no pitch fest.
2. You are paid the entry fee of $99 for every person you bring. Bring one registered person and the payment to you for this person covers your cost of registration. Use this as a money maker by bringing more people.
3. You become an instant partner in the business model of Guaranteed Prosperity which is the parent for The Genius Tour. This is significant and I will explain in more detail when we meet at an upcoming event.

The Genius Tour with Meir Ezra is unlike any other event or seminar you have ever attended because it will expand your knowledge in way that you have likely never experienced.

Coming To A City Near You All Events Start At 9AM

Toronto October 11 and 12
Atlanta October 19 and 20
Phoenix October 26 and 27
Dallas November 2 and 3
San Antonio November 9 and 10
Portland November 16 and 17
Houston November 23 and 24
Las Vegas December 7 and 8
Ft. Lauderdale December 14 and 15

Meet Our Teacher, Mentor, Coach and Friend Meir Ezra

Do You Have Question – Would You Like More Information?

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Success Mastery: Classic Positive Think Literature from Success Magazine

Positive Thinking LiteratureHow

Many of These Do You Own?

How Many Have You Read In The Last Six Months?

Of The Ones You Read, List Three Lessons That You Remember and Are Using From Each

It is not about how much you have read, it is about the quality of your reading and how you remember and use what you have read.

Here Is The List from Success Magazine – A great list by the way. My answers to the questions below.

1. As A Man Thinketh, James Allen
2. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
3. Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, Napoleon Hill
4. How To win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnege
5. The Power of Positive Thinking, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
6. Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl
7. Learned Optimism: How To Change Your Mind and Your Life, Martin Seligman

My Answers

I own the first 5 in print and now Kindle

I have read or scanned the first 3 in the last 6 months

I can tell you a great deal about the first 4 and how I use key lessons in my life and business. I speak regularly at The Genius Tour events and incorporate these lesson in my presentations and work with coaching and consulting clients. Please call me and let’s discuss the coaching program that is right for your business. 727-587-7871.

I just purchased 6 and 7. In 2-4 weeks I will be fluently talking about and acting on the major lessons of all 7. Now your turn. I look forward to your comments.

BTW there are many great resources and this is just one source. It is a great start and if you only studied these books and followed the guidance in my book Building Business Profits Fast, I am sure you will being doing just fine.

May Your Success Exceed All Your Most Amazing Expectations


Success is the experiencing of your ever expanding potential and helping others do the same.

Think about that and I will expand upon that in a future article. In the meantime, please click here and register now Even if you cannot join us at one of the cities,  there are many benefits for you.

For Your Success,

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Steve Pohlit

Author of: Building Business Profits Fast
International Business Turnaround and Development Consulting
Real Estate Investment Consulting
Executive Coach

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