7 Figure Success in Less Than 1 Year

Near $0 One Year Ago…On Track To Make $1 million This Year

6 out 0f 10 People who  were at near $0 business profits in the spring of 2010 are now on track to net more than $1 million in 2011.  Quite honestly when I realized what was developing I looked very closely at the characteristics of this group.

The numbers are even more compelling since 2 of the 10 people were making six figures with their business when they started and now are on track to make multiple 7 figures.  80% of this group is on fire with their business performance.

What Are The Key’s To Their Success?

1.Each made a significant investment in coaching . In most cases they  have one or more coaches. In all cases I am their primary coach.

2. All follow the directions.  This means they follow the advice of their coach.  Each has their own style and each implement the professional business coaching advice they receive differently. However, each one implements the program developed with their coach.

3. There is a bias for action meaning they implement and get closure on key action steps.

4. Each measure return on investment of their time.

Are There Any Unique Educational or Work History Attributes?

Candidly everyone is different. Some had college degrees, others did not. Most had experience as an employee, some did not. I am not aware of anyone having come from a family with wealth. The only common denominator was a commitment to taking action on a success plan.

What Are The Primary Steps That Account For Their Success?

Considerable time is spent on developing an appropriate plan for their business success and an action plan for implementation. Then we monitor results and make adjustments.

What Have I Done Different As A Result of This Experience?

Hired a coach.

Are Their New Success Stories In Development?

Yes and I am beginning to see the time line to success shorten.

Would you like to be in the next group of millionaires?

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