How To Use Multi Media For Lead Generation

It is unusual for me to watch TV. However for those of you that follow me on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace adn LinkedIn you know that I love the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While watching the most recent game I noticed an add during a commercial break that appeared to be an promotion for a home furnishings retailer. I quickly realized the promotion was for lead generation. This ad was designed specifically for viewers to request a resource on how to buy direct from over 700 manufacturers.

The promotion focused on the mark-up that retailers charge and asked “why should you pay their bills?” So this was clearly an emotionally engaging campaign. It was also targeted at anyone remodeling or building new. It also appealed to people intending on replacing home furnishings.

The focus of this ad was to motivate people to call or go to the web site to request their informational booklet. Clearly a squeeze page strategy using electronic media which in this case was TV. This was all very well done except showing home furnishing ads during a hockey game begs the question of whether this was the right program to be presenting the campaign.

While the ad was running I went over to my nearly always on computer and typed in their URL. Again – squeeze page only. The home page was there for one purpose which was to capture contact information. I was intrigued as to what they were really promoting. Is it a buying club with a monthly membership fee or something else?

I was very surprised to discover that I received a pass for an appointment to visit a physical place not more that one mile from my home and they were very specific as to the time. What is more interesting they now know my household (me) since their follow up survey wanted to confirm there was no problem having a baby sitter so I can could make the appointment. (The only baby sitter I need is for me.) They also know I am planning on at least some home furnishing replacements in the next 3-6 months. They asked and I told them.

I am likely to go to this appointment because I am very intrigued by what it is they want me to do. The location is not large enough for a showroom so my number one bet is that is is a buying club promotion. I will disclose the website with a follow up report in a few days.

In summary this is an excellent case study in lead generation. I certainly don’t know but it would not surprise me if Dan Kennedy was hired for this since he is one of the best marketers with TV media, copy and lead generation. Dan is the one who taught me how to pay attention to ads including infomercials. The effective ones on TV are effective sales letter in action. If you are interested in marketing you really should be getting Dan’s monthly newsletter. Click Here if you are interested.

This example is a great lesson in using multi-media for lead generation. TV, Phone, and the Internet are the primary tools being used and there is a mail in option presented but not emphasized. They did a good job and served as an example of why it is important to pay attention to well designed campaigns. And on that note I will ad there is no such thing as junk mail. Every piece is an opportunity to learn something even if it is what not to do.

Sending all my readers the energy of vibrant health, happiness and prosperity.


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