Your Level of Business Success Is Directly Linked To One Thing

When asked: what is the number one key success factor for business success?  The responses often are:

  • A hungrey market with money
  • Cash
  • An effective business plan
  • Management control system
  • Experienced leadership
  • etc.

There are many factors that contribute to a thriving business over time. I have led business consulting clients through all the primary steps necessary to operate a successful business.  Even after sometimes many months of work with very clear guidance, I have observed intelligent, experienced business people miss the profit mark and in some cases destroy what should be a successful business.

Personally, I have experienced successes and failures. Successes were not always sustained and failures were swift. In evaluating my own experiences and those of many other companies where I have had direct contact as an auditor with Arthur Andersen, CFO of several very large companies, business consultant  to companies ranging from small to large or as an entrepreneur, I discovered the key.

This key is present in every success story and absent in most failures. This key is the part of the reason for the idea of Manifest Mastermind  . Together with my business partner Manifest Mastermind was launched a week ago.  The first step we guide members to completing in the Manifest Mastermind process is having a clear definintion of what you want. I know a lot of life coaches and consultants start with that. Keep reading.

Most people when asked what they want start with a list that includes, more money, a new car, better home, financial freedom, improved relationships, vibrant health and so on.  But when challenged as to why they want the things they describe, the list sometimes changes.  On the topic of money, business people think in terms of revenue and profit milestones.  I have started nearly every consulting engagement with establishing a clear definition of the revenue and profit goals for the next year. But there is more to it.

While I am certainly not ignoring monetary and other metrics, I have expanded my  focus on what it is the business leadership really wants. Here is the key that I feel is most important:

Are you in alignment with the purpose of your business?

If your goal is money, you may realize your goal and not be happy.  So what is the point of the money? Or maybe your goal is money but the demands weakens your health. So what’s the point of the money? It is very clear that money, relationships and health are all interrelated.  If one is out of balance the other suffers. Alignment is the key.

Do you know anyone who really does not like their job? They are making money but how is their life and what effect does this have on their health and those around them?  What effect does this have on their spouse, partner, children? 

Do you  know anyone who is not making money and struggling financially?  That is a tough situation and most people in that situation have a single minded purpose which is to make money without regard to how happy they will be when the money is flowing. If they pursue just the money then often end up in the same pattern.

If you are in a less than successful pattern, it is wise to move out of that pattern. It starts with awareness, definition of purpose and associating with like minded people and masterminding for goal achievement.  That is what I have found to be true for me and others joining the Manifest Mastermind process.

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