The Most Valuable Advice For Making More Money For Your Business and You:

Recently I hosted a conference call with two experts in the self-development industry. The information developed and shared with the callers is direct lead to my professional advice for companies:

The Most Valuable Advice For Making More Money For Your Business and You:

Establish a very clear picture of where you want your business to be and then release the gap between that picture and your current reality.

The follow-on advice to this Actual (Current Reality) -Standard (Clear Picture of Your Goal) = Variance (The Gap) is that anytime somebody’s thought, words or actions attempts to destroy the picture you have created. For business the picture needs to include financial performance as well as company culture and lifestyle.  I have written and recorded videos on how to begin rolling back twelve month financial rates of performance to what has to be done this week to achieve those goals.

With the guidance and the track record in place to help most companies achieve extraordinary performance,  do you know what the one thought that is pervasive?  “Well things are bad right now and I don’t want to spend any money on help or doing anything different.”  Attitude is the most damaging gap.  Release the pessimistic attitude and open the door to the ideas and action that will move your business forward.

You have a choice.  Let external situations mandate your results or create your own reality.  Successful mindsets create successful results.

I am a big fan of Internet Marketers. I love the buzz they can create. The subject lines used to grab your attention and the sales copy are works of art.  Of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Great subject lines and great copy will always work because the copy appeals to our emotions.  The copy convinces us that when we buy a product or service we will have the life of our dreams.

My consulting practice does not promise you anything but this:

I will implement known best practices relevant for your business. They will work while I am coaching you and your company. You will receive the benefit of a  very high return on investment.  Best practices do not work on automatic. If  you stop following what you learned  after project completion, then you can expect the benefits to stop as well.

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