The Three Billionaire Attitudes of Bill Bartmann: First: Be Able To Recognize Opportunities

This is about an amazing opportunity and it is not about Bill Bartmann’s buy bad loan portfolio strategy detailed in Buyout Riches.  That is the topic of separate articles.

Of course I know this is an amazing opportunity because I have been working with this situation for over three months. I know the markets, the business, the customers, the key people who will implement the solution that I crafted.

Personally, I would write the check for this entire deal like yesterday. I know there one or more resources who will recognize this a jump on it.  What is it?

This is a family owned business that is 107 years old.  The company has developed a product line in a specialty niche of a much larger market. However the market segment for this niche is estimated to be about a billion dollars in the US alone. Now I know this word …billion… is used a lot and soon we won’t pay attention unless the headline has trillion in it.  Think I am kidding.

Today the WSJ released a report that Michael Jackson has sold 2.3 million albums in four days since his death. The reaction is!  We are conditioned by so many numbers many have no meaning.   Back to the 107 year old company:

They contacted me in March and said they needed help. I don’t have much time to tell all the details right now  so let’s “cut to the chase”  I quickly determined that this business had experienced a series of  unique events that drained them of cash. But unlike nearly every other business I had seen, this company has what every business would die for. This company has a large hungrey crowd for their product and the revenue and gross margins from this business are very very strong.

So most people cannot understand how this picture can turn to where a receiver is appointed by the courts and the company is targeted to be liquidated. With the help of Bill Bartmann I have a fairly good understanding.  More importantly, using my radar and following Bill’s advice of being able to recognize opportunities, I see the upside here and it is very significant. Let me repeat this …the upside is very significant and I see minimal downside.

If you want to know more and if you are able to act fast and if writing a check for $50k or $1.5 mil. does not cause your heart to skip a beat, contact me for all the details. Don’t email me, call me at 727-587-7871. That is my direct line but you most likely will need to leave a message and I will get back to you fast.

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