Make More Money Mondays by Stephen Pierce: Steve Pohlit Reports

The following is my comment to the 4-21 broadcast by Stephen Pierce on his dtalpha talkback site (For my readers don’t miss some of the key points from his broadcast following my comments:

Hello Stephen – I normally do not go back to information posted that I did not have time that day to review due to time constraints. However, Stephen Piece is an exception. The value you offer is tremendous.

Very interesting list of 7 resources for Make More Money Monday. I am creating an Action Plan Tracker for this broadcast. All are welcome to consider Once you see how this work you can create your own action plan trackers, submit ones to me and I will add them to the site with full credit to you (great link backs) and more.

But first another blog entry at unconditionally recommending everyone subscribe to

I am grateful for what you are giving Stephen.


Here are a couple of the recommendations Stephen made:

Advertise your blog in your email signature using Blog Sigs (looks really cool)
If you are a blogger, install Zemantra and see how this will help you.

You really should listen to Stephen describe each of the seven resources he recommends in the broadcast.

Next: Look for my comments to Jack Welsh on his latest advice in Business Week on Dealing With A Downturn.

From my Prosperity Tip lessons:

May you experience your pure potentiality and live the life of your dreams.

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant and Coach