Busting Loose From The Business Game

In 2006, author Bob Scheinfeld published a book titled: Busting Loose From The Money Game.  I purchased the book based on the recommendation from another admired author and read it once  over the course of about a week.  I then went back and read it more closely, made notes, highlighted sections in yellow. In short I really studied this book.

I had not been exposed to most of the information in that book to that point.  I was very skeptical even after studying it in-depth. This was because the concepts were so different from anything I had imagined.  However, I found a part of me saying it made a lot of sense.

Over the subsequent three years,  I have learned that Busting Loose From The Money Game was based on what is known by scientists as the discipline of Quantum Physics.  During this time the movie The Secret was released. There has been a growing awareness of The Law of Attraction.  Quantum Physics  supports The Law of Attraction.

Here is a real life example from personal experience. If you have followed the articles published in this blog you know I have a lot of very valuable business experience.  I use this experience to  help companies improve their business performance and in some cases help them if they find themselves in a difficult situation (business turnaround consulting).

When I was near graduating from college I decided that I wanted to be a CPA and work with one of the Big 8 (at the time) firms. I visualized that experience as best I could, I interviewed with a few firms and I was not hired…then.  I ultimately relaxed that idea, but I did become a CPA and also went on to earn my MBA. Both were credentials I decided I wanted to have because one day I wanted an executive position and be in the board room running a large business. I felt those credential would help.

I was relentless on that idea. I felt certain it would happen.  Nine years after I was not offered a job with one of the Big 8, the number one firm in the world hired me . I went on to have a marvelous experience there for 10 years.  I left and went right to being a senior executive of a $360 million company.  I was in the board room with several other senior people running that company.  There is a lot more to this story including some of the near total disasters I experienced but the point is I attracted that which I was focused on consciously or otherwise.  That is The Law of Attraction.  “Like attracts like”.

Today in business and in all areas of my life I am continually creating the picture that I want to have appear.  Now if you asked my most recent client how that turned out they would say not very well.  I would say one chapter is closed and another is beginning.  Soon I will prepare another article on change and surprises. For now I say to you,  The Law of Attraction works perfectly all the time.  The problem comes in when the outcome isn’t like we thought it would be. Sometimes the outcome is much better and sometimes it isn’t.

In the situation I just finished, the bank decided it was in their best interest to liquidate the company.  There is no way on this planet in my lifetime I thought I would  understand the bank’s position given the alternative solutions presented to them. However, Bill Bartman’s latest book “Bailout Riches” offers answers.  Do you see I was asking questions and I attracted answers.  Not only that,  but I attracted  an opportunity to profit from the current conditions should I pursue what Bill suggests. I don’t think I will but you can.

I love understanding and increasing my connections with that which I intend to attract.  I love sharing what my experiences and insight on these topics.  Nearly a year ago I had an idea of how I could blend my passion for The Law of Attraction with my experience and skill set in business and particularly the consulting arena.  Shortly thereafter, a number of things began to fall in place and today I have along with my business partner have growing business based on The Law of Attraction. That business is Manifest Mastermind.  What is most important I work on what I love and some people like it enough to stay as paying members.  How cool is that?

My purpose has been to give you a glimpse as to why I immediately purchased Bob Scheinfeld’s latest book: “Busting Loose From The Business Game”  I have not read it as I just order it today.  I encourage you to order it and for transparency purposes I am not an affiliate and Bob hasn’t asked me to write this and certainly hasn’t paid me any money to do so.  For the record I am not opposed to being paid :).

I know this  book will have  as much influence on me as the first one I read and I am excited about all the possibilities.

Here is the link and if you decide to order, please tell Bob that you heard about it from Steve Pohlit.

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit, Expert Business Consulting

IR Consulting, Inc.

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