Response To: Close Your Facebook Account —No

Check out this video

Is it credible? You decide!

For me – see below

I have been on line since December 1995

My contact email address has been on line since then and yes the original one forwards to my gmail account now. However the original one is still alive and gets traffic

I am easy to find

My phone number has been published on line for 12 years. Yes it is true that if I do not recognize the number I will not answer.

So why would I hide? I don’t why would I disguise where I am going or what I am doing? I don’t.

I think if you are confident in you skin you are not afraid of being out there. No let’s look at another area – points of view opposite of mainstream popular politics. If you follow me on Facebook and other social media sites you will see I am what some would label a Patriot – I prefer the Libertarian label -doesn’t matter. What I stand for are the tenants of our constitution. I stand for at a deeper level Life Rights – the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace.

Steve Pohlit