My Dad

Carol is one the caregivers helping my dad.  I have experienced the positive impact my dad has had on so many people.  She summarizes it well:

I just wanted to pass on that yesterday and today I have been interviewing your father for some assessments I have to complete.   He is one special, amazing person!   I really enjoyed my time talking with him.  I wish everyone could have such a positive, accepting outlook on life (including myself some days!) .   When I was asking him questions about his life – he spoke so fondly of your mother that it nearly brought me to tears.   I enjoyed listening to his stories of his time in the Air Force as well – he is so proud of that.   He also spoke so fondly of you and your siblings.    

In my 20 years of my career, meeting someone like your father is a rarity.  I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity, although not in an ideal situation, to meet your father.”

Stephen R. Pohlit, my dad and I am so grateful to have been able to tell him today that I am immensely proud that he is my father and I Love Him.

Steve Pohlit