The Policies of Obama Bring Misery – A Viewpoint Backed by Statistics Published by The Wall Street Journal – There Are Solutions

RealGDP-Chart1-OriginalRe:  The Weak Economy From Recent Articles Published by The Wall Street Journal:

Looking at the results federal stimulus has failed. Read the full report in this article The Obama Economy: How trillions in fiscal and monetary stimulus produced a 1.6% recovery. In part it says

” In return for adding nearly $3 trillion in federal debt in two years, we still have 14.9 million unemployed”…”As for blaming the Republicans, with only 40 and then 41 Senators they couldn’t stop so much as a swinging door.”

In Another Article: Stephen Moore Writes: Obama’s Economy Hits His Voters Hardest Young people, single women and minorities have fared the worst during the past four years.

In that article Mr. Moore writes: …” real median household income “has fallen by 4.4 percent since the ‘economic recovery’ began in June 2009.”  He concludes saying ” The left seems to have forgotten that when fewer American businesses and workers are creating wealth in the first place, something else is spread instead: misery.”

The Actual Picture is Worse

Read this commentary by Wayne Allyn Root published on Fox News – Why we can kiss the US economy goodbye The statistics on the true composition of job growth and food stamps alone are nothing short of frightening.


In a recent interview: Donald Trump discusses the importance of running our country from a position of strength and restoring the production of goods and services that have been shifted to China and other countries. For that to happen, the US must change economic policy and that is not going to happen unless the current administration is voted out or there is an economic collapse. Money News published this just two days ago “Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For ‘Financial Ruin’

For two years I interviewed George Ross once a month for an hour. George is Donald Trump’s Executive Vice President and Senior Adviser. He is an asture businessman and at 84 has more direct experience with the economy than most. George is an advocate of the strength of the United States. He is opposite gloom and doom thinking. What that means is he consistently focuses on solutions that are right in front of us. What we talked about the most on these calls was how entrepreneurs and small businesses can become more successful. Those conversations plus my own experience working with hundreds of business owners were instrumental in forming the road map for business success in my recently published book Building Business Profits Fast  Building Business Profits Fast


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Strong Growth Will Overcome All The Economic Problems

Planning, organizing and promotion are at the core of strong business growth. That can be like saying go to the doctor if you have a serious medical condition. What is really needed is the right resource for what you are wanting to accomplish. Just yesterday I said to one of my clients that while I will give him ideas that will work in growing his business, the number one benefit he will experience is the continual expansion of his business resulting from following an proven path for profitable growth. Working together he cannot fail as long as he does his part. This is the principle of ‘Exchange In Abundance” What that means is that every person I work with gets far more than the investment in the coaching or consulting program. Unless the targeted income is far greater than the investment, I will not accept the client. Have I declined or stopped a coaching program because the value was not there? Actually twice – once because the business model was flawed in my opinion and anther time because the owner was viewing their business as a source of income and they really were not passionate about it.

Privately Held Companies Are The Solution To The US Economy’s Unemployment, Debt and No -Growth Problems!

The security for you and your family is your responsibility. If you are linking your financial stability to the government or employer you are placing yourself at great risk. Recently I attended a business building meeting where there were over 500 people in attendance.  I met many people who were already very successful and many others on their way to financial independence.  The most common attributes of the people in this group include: having been broke, the passion to do the work necessary to succeed and the selection of a company whose products everyone already wants.  Notice the word work in the formula.  There is one more thing in nearly every success story and that is leadership on following a simple system for delivering (outflow) valuable results.

“If It Is To Be – It Is Up To Me”  is a great quote just know you do not have to – “go it alone”.

The Two Step Formula For Success

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“If you follow the processes, you cannot fail!” Meir Ezra  Does this mean this is the only formula for achieving success and preventing Small Business Failure?  Actually, YES!

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Donald Trump’s Solution To The Very Serious Problems In The US

Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach
Steve Pohlit, International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Just because a person who is worth more than $8 billion dollars speaks doesn’t mean we should listen. However in this case we should pay very close attention because Donald built his wealth by adding incredible value to properties and businesses. He applies the same logic to the US and he makes perfect sense.

This video is about 15 minutes and worth every minute of your time

Thank you so much Donald for stepping up and speaking up.

Steve Pohlit

New Report: Trump To Run For President! Do you think this is true? released a story that Donald Trump will announce he will run for Present following the Spring season of The Apprentice.  Click Here for the full report.

What do you think?

1. Do you think Donald will run

2. Do you think this is a ploy for more news coverage?

3. Would you vote for him?

You are invited to comment and all will be published.

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