How A Conference Call Problem Is Flipped To A Marketing Opportunity

Recently I planned to co-host a teleconference call where over 2,000 interested people were invited. When events of this type are planned, I usually anticipate a 5-10% reservation rate and then 20-25% of the people reserving their space will actually participate on the call.

Those numbers are not the lesson of this article.  Although if you read the numbers carefully they wil help network marketers, direct response marketers and people managing special interest groups off line and on line. This article is about the doors that opened when I failed to understand all of the featurs of the new conferencing call system I was testing and I couldn’t connect the callers. I rescheduled the call.

In a prior life I would have blamed a lot of people but now I look and say what could I have done to prevent this problem?  The number one action (and yes I knew this but didn’t do it) was to test the system before announing and promoting the call. I had assumed I understood how it worked from the training that was available and I didn’t.  So I accept responsibility for needing to reschedule the call.

First lesson: always test …always.

The conference call system is fairly new and once discovered I really wanted to use it. The features and benefits for a free system were “off the charts.”  I was further impressed by an email from the company’s CEO who had learned of my canceled call and wanted to know about the  difficulty and what they could do better.

Second Lesson: when a customer even a free customer has an issue, find out what  you can do to solve the problem and possibly prevent it from recurring.

In order for me to answer the question for myself and the CEO as to what can be better I needed to make sure I understood how this system worked.  Often times  when I have a question I will become the teacher since if I can successfully explain it to someone else then I understand it myself.  So I developed three videos of enhanced training for this system which is called Callifower. These videos are below.

Third Lesson: You understand an important topic well enough if you can teach it.

Now this is where my business analytical and consulting skills really kick in. I stepped back from this situation and asked, other than my group who else would benefit from this conference calling system and training?  Here is a short list:

1. There are groups using conference calling extensively now. They include network marketers, internet marketers launching products to name a few.

2. Companies with employees in remote locations. These can include outside sales people on the road, managers of stores in multiple locations, trucking companies with drivers on the road, employees in mulitiple offices or plant locations.  Are you beginning to see the opportunities.

Fourth Lesson: Be open to how technology developed for one group can be applied to non-targeted groups.

This is the advantage of working with a business consultant exposed to a wider range of company practices. However, like companies not all consultants have expertise in marketing tools like blogs, video, social networking, conference calls, syndication, direct response and more.

International Resources and specifically this consultant is very connected to not only the latest tools that are developed but more importantly often has personal experience with what is working.  This logic can be applied to company managers who identify a practice that works well and can share that using video, white papers, blogs, press releases, emails, newsletters and seminars with  customers and even competitors. Very few discoveries are extremely proprietary and often “speed to market” with information establishes credibility.

What really caught my attention about Calliflower were the features of being able to see who is on line and multiple ways for participants to ask questions and participate.  Check out these videos:

Video 1: Calliflower Conference Call Training for Participants:

Video 2 Part A Calliflower Conference Call Training for Conference Hosts:

Video 2 Part A Calliflower Conference Call Training for Conference Hosts:

Sending all my readers the energy of wellness, peace and abundance.

Steve Pohlit

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