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International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach Entrepreneurs and business owners have little time to go to a public movie theater. This conclusion is based on my poll of business owners I coach and others who I am network with. Personally, I have no TV feed in my home and I am a member of Netflix. My membership allows me to have three DVD’s at one time. I have had the same three now for three months.

Hollywood generally supports Obama because Obama’s socialist policies fund people with no jobs or little income and whose focus is on being in a comatose state watching the latest Hollywood movie. That is the economics of Hollywood. In addition, the actors and actresses who are stars are script readers. They generally fall within the target audience of democrats who are able to align movie actors to read the scripts and advocate a socialist, entitlement agenda.

I acknowledge and recognize that for every sentence I write in this article on this theme there are notable exceptions. Historically Ronald Regan is absolutely a wonderful exception. I am also stating for the record that there are many in Hollywood who do not follow a script and who are leaders for free enterprise and limited government.

With the socialist and entitlement advocates with leadership coming from George Clooney, all demonstrating their ability to raise $15 million in one night, it is time for the advocates of free enterprise and business entrepreneurship in Hollywood and beyond to step up and raise a lot more  than $15 million as part of the strategy to defeat this administration.

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