Barack Obama– Jermiah Wright –Has The Foundation of Obama’s Belief System Changed?

I am very respectful of changing beliefs and values. In another place I will describe the expansion of my own belief system and shifts to what are now my core values. But this is not about me. This is about Barack Obama and the character of the man who is of this date days away from a second term or months away from leaving the White House.

Before You Click Off This Page When It Is Clear I am Not For The Obama Presidency, You May Want To Consider The Following That Inspired from The Amateur”

The man who most influenced Obama for 20 years of his life was Jeremiah Wright. However, Jeremiah was so controversial that Obama cancelled Wright’s invitation to deliver the invocation at Obama’s 2007 launch of his presidential campaign. In an instant Obama dumped his 20 year old friendship for political reasons —he has a long history of doing that. In the case of Jeremiah Wright what is most important is that week after week Obama was close to a person known to be advocating white wickedness and black superiority. Now just pause and let that sync in for a moment…think about the expressions on Barack Obama’s face when he would look at Romney, a white wealthy man. Does Barack Obama advocate white wickedness and black superiority?  I don’t know. But I do know Mitt Romney didn’t grow up with the influence of a powerful guide advocating less than liberty for all.

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