Build Facebook Likes and Your Email Lists With Lead Capture Toolkit

Jason Doucette Launches Lead Capture Toolkit

I have been coaching Jason Doucette on building business profits using his technical programming skills.  Lead Capture Toolkit was an idea that emerged and Jason has now launched this program.   Essentially it is an application that  helps you build your Facebook Likes by offering an incentive that people receive when they register their name and email address.  This registration information is integrated with popular autoresponder systems. I have set on up on my Facebook Page and I use the autoresponder  service by Aweber

The Primary Advantages of Lead Capture Toolkit

Most everyone appreciates the value of building your list.  Most marketers have autoresponder accounts and build relationships using email marketing communications as a primary tool.  Facebook is one social media site that has become hugely popular with companies and entrepreneurs since restructuring their Page feature.  You probably have seen requests to Like My Page.

Lead Capture Toolkit adds  to your Facebook page the option to offer an incentive for a Facebook Fan to join your email list. Once set up, (the set up is very straight forward)  the process is very smooth for a subscriber. Subscribers receive the opt-in confirmation in their email which in compliance with no spam practices. Once confirmed they receive the incentive you offer which is a well known and proven to work technique for building your list.

The benefit for you in using Lead Capture Toolkit is you are building your list as you build your Facebook fans.

I have been testing the functionality of Lead Capture Toolkit for about a month. It is easy to set up and integrates very easily with Facebook.  Part of the coaching has been to enhance the training through videos and text on the steps to install this valuable application. Click Here and Check It Out. You are welcome to leave your questions and comments here or connect with Jason.

Action Steps

Click Here Now for Lead Capture Toolkit. Jason did not follow my advice on pricing.  It is very low.  Get it now before he changes his mind and raises the price.  Yours can be free by simply becoming and affiliate and having just two people buy it from your link.  It has been approved by Click Bank and is now listed there.

Action Steps

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