Tony Robins Sues Stephen Pierce : Steve Pohlit Advises On Litigation

Stephen Pierce announced on his podcast today that he has been sued by The Tony Robins organization. Click Here for the full story.

Tony and Steve market very prosperous self help and self development material and each of them has had their respective life challenging situations that most people do not think about when they see or listen to their resources. So what happened?

I can share with you what I believed happened based on my experience with clients and my own experiences with attorneys which is significant. In summary, no matter what they say attorneys are in the business of generating fees. Let me restate that as I would like you to really get that point: Attorneys are in the business of generating fees!!

Outside of criminal behavior, which is not the topic of this article, I am not aware of an instance where a business matter cannot be first resolved by the two relevant parties. On the flip side of that in every instance where I have seen one party say: “I’ll just let my attorney handle this” what happens is a drawn out circus that double, triples, quadruples and more the cost of the matter.

Tony Robins vs. Stephen Pierce is a great example. Based on what I heard if someone from Tony’s office had simply picked up the phone or sent an letter requesting clarification from Stephen I cannot imagine this matter getting to the point of a lawsuit. However, an weakness in the Tony Robins organization allowed for a small matter to mushroom into a public spectacle.

So what would I do if I were Tony Robins?

Assuming what Stephen says in his podcast is true and it is hard to imagine him twisting the facts, I would immediately withdraw the lawsuit, issue an apology and dismiss the people who decided to take this action. I would take one final step and that is to make sure no legal action is taken without full disclose of the facts and my personal sign-off authorizing moving forward with the lawsuit.

What would I do if I were Stephen Pierce?

Nothing different. Stephen is broadcasting his position in this matter and if the lawsuit goes forward he will have to respond.

Summary Story and Advise:

I was at a board of directors meeting for a $10 Billion dollar company during which a very sensitive matter was being discussed. I will never forget the one side presenting what was clearly a well rehearsed point of view that was developed by lawyers. After the presentation, one very notable board member stood up looked directly in the eye of this other very powerful person and said Mr.____ I have achieved a measure of success in my life (which was an understatement) and if I had listened to my lawyers I would be out of business today.

I will never forget that day and placing that in context, there are times when we all should seek the advice legal counsel . However, I close with restating the point I made at the start of this article in a different way: I have never seen a business situation where the substantive points could not be resolved between the two parties first and then turned over to the lawyers for documentation. When business situations get turned over to the attorneys first, deals get killed, costs accelerate at warp speed and a lot of time is wasted.

If you are ever in a business situation where you feel you need the advice of an attorney, make damn sure you have received the best business advice first.

From my Prosperity Tip lessons:

May you experience your pure potentiality and live the life of your dreams.

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant and Coach