Steve Pohlit Reports on The Question Raised by Lynn Pierce On Why So Much Confusion?

Lynn Pierce is a wonderful business professional and is  successful author, speaker, business coach and more.  Click Here for more on Lynn

In a blog post today Lynn writes (excerpts – click above for the complete post): “It doesn’t matter if it’s an experienced speaker making the transition from fee based & keynote speaking to public speaking or if it’s someone just starting out who wants to be a speaker, author or Internet Marketer, they all seem to be struggling with the same key issues.”…..

“One thing is that the new people just getting into this industry of information marketing are spending thousands of dollars learning how to build a list or how to blog & podcast or they’ve gone to speaker training, or learn how to do teleseminars or how to drive traffic and they still don’t know what their topic is.”

In all fairness most people who are passionate about business, marketing on line and off line and developing their own independent business are buyers.  I am still a buyer and plan on attending even more events in the next 12 months. Each time I go to an event I buy products and consistently buy products that appear interesting. In many cases I want to see what someone else is doing.  I may be able to adopt some of their content to what I am working on. I think I am doing a better job of knowing my topics.

There is deeper issue and this is my comment to Lynn’s blog post:

….Hi Lynn, hope you are doing great. Your post presents several very interesting topics for discussion. That by the way is an great way of generating interest and attention on a blog based site.

There is no question that focus on a topic matter is very important. I think it is important to realize that if your topic is one that others also focus on that is good. The market is telling you there is demand. I know I have side stepped topics in the past because of “this has already been addressed” only to see someone else recycle the topic in a new package.

My thinking today as I continue to move forward with my consulting practice where I show companies How To Increase Revenue and Profits by 30% or More in 90 Days or Less with my process called “The Profit System” is that the dreams and desires of the individual must be met or anything that is successful will be short lived.

Using your example of a speaker who wants to take their keynote and develop it into an information product, if their motivation is the money it is likely going to be a mediocre product. There needs to be a passion about what we do that is in alignment of who we are. This is the reason I am now adopting my work with The Prosperity Now Program into my professional practice.

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May you experience you pure potentiality in all areas of your life.

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant