Social Networking: Response To WSJ Marketing In The World of The Web

Tom and Michael’s article “Marketing In The World of The Web”  is excellent work pointing to the changing landscape of retail marketing. The high rate of growth for the social networking sites is surprising many. Naturally strategies to recognize these trends are in the experimental phase. 


My own research into social networking was launched by becoming very active on a number of sites. My experience has been very enlightening. The guidance I offer as a result of this experience is actually very similar to when the Internet was in its infancy: “Make best use of the tools that become available. Continually test to determine which applications work best for your business. The primary goal as it relates to building revenue is to continually strengthen positive relationships with your customers and prospective customers. Use technology to assist in achieving that objective. Relationships are key as they will confirm what you are doing right and what you can be doing better.”


Social networking appears to be great resource for building relationships. Ultimately a social networking strategy needs to be linked to the point of purchase. If you are largely selling on line you should have an aggressive program to build a strong social network. This recommendation becomes progressively stronger when your on line customer base is international.  I recommend one of your most experienced and talented marketing professionals be in charge with the sole objective of linking your social networking strategy to the goal of further achieving the customer relationship objective. There is a huge integration opportunity.  


Harley Davidson was mentioned in the article. Harley is a great brand. They will and should continue to strengthen the brand. Their opportunity is to build a tighter connection with their dealers in the marketplace from the eyes of the customer and potential customer. The social networking value in this example is generally solidified within a market and ultimately by the dealer. Again another integration opportunity with strong customer and prospective customer relationships being the goal.


So the landscape is changing but I don’t think the underlying fundamentals are. Develop customer loyalty and those customers are your most significant asset with your prospective customer. Communication is key in executing that strategy. Social networking makes it that much easier to communicate.


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