Tellman Knudson and Shawn Casey Just Released Valuable Free Material

Hello: I just finished reviewing most of the material just released by Tellman Knudson and Shawn Casey. This post is perfect example of viral marketing. When I find material I like, I write about it and suggest to my readers they check it out.

What did I like about the free book and videos that Tellman and Shawn just released? They demystify the most common myths about building a list and emailing that list. As part of that message you will learn their backgrounds. Make note of Tellman. This man demonstrated success on line in less than three years starting from nothing. Guess what….what he did was follow the Internet success road map. You can get a key component of that road map for FREE at I am not an affiliate. I don’t think they even have an affiliate program set up yet. They are not paying me to write this. I just think it is “good stuff” and hope you do to.

What follows is the comment I posted to their blog. The link is published in the free eBook you receive when you join their list.

Comments posted to the List Building blog by Steve Pohlit on March 29, 2008

One of the lessons I enjoy the most in Tellman and Shawn’s book that is available when you register for the List Building material is that when you build a list some people will leave. Get over it.

For me this was a hard lesson to learn which is why I am studying the material that these guys are providing. And there is another lesson, look at the material that is being given. Does free make it useless or priceless?

I am developing a program in connection with a book that will be published this year on a popular topic. (see if you are interested at What I know from conducting free live classes on this topic, that even with the answers clearly in front of people, many will sit back and think something will happen just by them thinking about it. I have read literal manifestation is possible, what is currently more predictable is taking focused action based on a proven method to achieve a goal. I have people who have told me how there life has completely turned around in a very positive way as a result of taking the actions they learned in the classes. Free – can be useless or priceless – it really is up to you.

I am a great student since I am setting new goals and I am a person who is fascinated by developments in business, self-development and technology designed for the Internet. This is precisely why I am paying close attention to certain material I have already studied. Like many people I would study the lessons understand them and then set them aside. Read Tellman’s story. He left Shawn’s book on his computer for three years. Then he took action. Guess what …I have had Shawn’s book for a lot longer than three years and unlike Tellman I didn’t buy a million dollar home last year.

All that is changing because of a clear focus and taking action using proven techniques for accomplishing a goal.

Thank you Tellman and Shawn for this material. I know there is work involved in making this available. I also recognize your mission of building your client base and compliment you on the methodology you are using to do that. You will have earned every dime that comes your way as a result of this process.

I welcome your comments.

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