Wayne Allyn Root Complements Mit Romney on His 15% Tax Rate and Is An Advocate of A Zero Capital Gains Tax Rate

Wayne Allyn Root is one of the most dynamic, charismatic, colorful, passionate, fiery, and outspoken Libertarian-conservative political personalities in America today. He is a best-selling author of 7 books, a FOX News Channel regular guest, and a national media star.

I met Wayne in 2010 and now connect with him at least monthly for an in-depth discussion on restoring the vibrancy of the US, business success and his positive addictions that are the core of his vitality and success.

Wayne’s most recent editorial published in Forbes online (Click Here)  is a clearly factual representation on two very important points:

1. The capital gains rate of 15% paid by Mitt Romney is available to everyone

2. The lower the capital gains rate, the greater the incentive to invest.

3. The greater the investment in companies and innovation, the higher the rate of growth in jobs.

In very recent discussions with business owners and entrepreneurs, it has become very clear to me that most do not really understand the fundamentals of capitalism…not communism, not socialism, but capitalism. Join me in help America stand up for capitalism..the right of all to create value through innovation, creativity and hard but fun work. The right to follow the entrepreneurial dream without a huge tax and regulation penalty imposed by a socialistic mission by the government.

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