A Great Example Marketing Example From Spam …Swipe This Idea

The subject matter just said  Test …This Is Not Spam. Take a minute to read this and then my comments.

Here is the rest of the message :

This is not spam!  You signed up from ____________  See end of e-mail for more CANSPAM compliance rules.
Please ignore this message, as it is only a test to see if this autoresponder is back up and running.
We need to notify you that this e-mail may contain advice on money-making methods and other subjects plus may include links to available products and/or from third parties in return for appropriate recompense.

If you cannot unsubscribe, you can always send a letter asking to be unsubscribed to:

P O Box 1078
Stanley, ND 58784

Don’t Know Why, But If You Wish To Leave:

To report sp*m by this member:
Please forward this email to abuse@amazingautoresponse.com or follow the above link for immediate removal.



I am not advocating doing this at all even though this email did get through to my main address.  Notice the reverse psychology here. …Please ignore.  Come on that always works (Note to Self)  Then the warning “This may contain advice on making money…”  I mean.. how cool is that?

Then there is the humor:

Unsubscribe – Send a Letter.  …

Don’t know why, but if you wish to leave

My view is I learn a lot from paying attention to spam. First spam mail may have some of the best subject lines.  Then there is formatting and other hooks  spam uses.

There is another thing I have learned and that is there a lot of people who use blogs like this to teach, who sell programs that teach you how.  Have you ever noticed how few promote “do it for you”?   Do you know why that is?  Well I have my views but what is important is that one of my new services does “do it for you” What is it?

Click over to New Digital Media You will understand what this is doing in about 3 minutes.

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