Success Lessons From Harold Hamm – Founder of Continental Resources

Harold Hamm

Harold’s story appeared in the December 12, 2012 issue of Forbes Life. For those who may not be familiar with Continental Resources, they have the largest position in Bakken field and he says they will double their oil output again over the next five years. (It is worth your time to look up Bakken field in your favorite search engine.)

There are several very important points in Harold’s story:

1. He learned as a teenager that if we follow our passion in life we will do well.

2. Harold wrote a thesis in high school about petroleum and discovered he wanted to become an explorationist. This became a dream he strove to come true.

3. In pursuing his dream he sought out mentors to teach him.”I became obsessed learning from them day and night.” He names his mentors in the article because he says “they were willing to show a hungry young man about the industry and teach him what they spent years learning.

4.” No matter what, you’ve got to follow your passion in life and always keep on learning”

This is a very good article and I recommend reading the complete version in Forbes Life.  I have a Forbes app and can get this on line in addition to the print version that I subscribe to.

This reinforces the main theme of the blueprint I am preparing to publish as we enter the new year of 2013. This article is intended to be timeless just as the main points coming from Harold Hamm are timeless.

Thank you Harold and Forbes Life.

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