An Uncommon Dialogue On The Strategy of Preeminence by Jay Abraham

The Foundation Principle of The Strategy of Preeminence

The foundation principle of the Strategy of Preeminence by Jay Abraham is to love your client.  This means a complete focus on bringing maximum value to a client where you provide  a service or sell a product.

How To Fall In Love With Your Client

"Steve Pohlit"
Steve Pohlit on Implementing Jay Abraham's The Strategy of Preeminence

As a business coach and business consultant at the outset with every new client, my focus is completely on how to help them achieve their intended goals as fast as possible. I have a single minded vision. I am in love with the idea of leaving the client in a better position as a result of my work with them.

For the most part my clients are engaged in the process.  The ones who are not, do not receive the full benefit of my experience. This is because an increasing amount of time is spent trying to determine what will work the best in getting them to take directed action. I fall out of love with the idea of being able to help them because they are not helping themselves.

In summary become completely focused on the success of your client or the outcome they are intending when buying your product. As your market knows your passion for client success stories, you become the the “go to business” for service/products. When that happens you are experiencing the benefit of implementing the Strategy of Preeminence.   There’s More!!!

How To Develop The Confidence To Implement The Strategy of Preeminence

I consistently coach clients to develop their own self-development program so that they are in a state of happiness and confidence. This is important for success in their personal and business lives. The number one barrier that blocks people from moving forward and achieving what is possible for them is lack of confidence..lack of self esteem.  Once that is addressed then I find most often a gap in defining success. Without a clear definition it is impossible to implement an action plan that can lead you to the goal.  The majority of the time we don’t just get in a car and drive. We  have a destination and we research the route if we don’t already know it.

The Best Way I Have Found To Strengthen Self Esteem

Og Mandino is the author of quite a few wonderful self development books. One of them is The Greatest Miracle In The World. In that book,  Og writes about the probability of any human being born.  The math works out to be 1 in 300 billion or something like that. He uses that information to emphasize just how special each  is. I love to reflect on that information as it applies to me and everyone else.

Developing confidence starts with strengthening your self esteem and then putting yourself in positions where that are outside of your comfort zone. The more you do that, what was outside of your comfort zone becomes inside your comfort zone.  For example, public speaking is frightening for many people and it has been for me in the past. Now I love it and that experience helps me when networking for my businesses. Many networking situations involve standing up in front of a group and presenting who you are, what you are looking for and what you bring to the table.  I coach all my clients on how to become better at this since business success results from build successful relationships.

How To Achieve Success Beyond Measure

1. Define success in measurable terms
2. Develop step by step action plans designed to achieve the intended results.
3. Make adjustments as you get feedback on how you are doing vs. you plan.  This is the Plan vs Actual = Variance formula I share at all my live event presentations.  I have named this The Gold Formula.
4. Be relentless every day on implementing the action plan you you developed to achieve your success goals
5. End you day on a positive note with completing an important task or successfully marketing to one more client or an existing one.
6. Never ever lose site of the goal of being part of a better outcome as a result of you coming to the table.

Action Steps

Get A Business Coach! If you already have a business with more than 10 employees, Hire A Consultant who is able to work with you part of the time on-site.

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