Brain Surgery Time Management

Time Management for Optimum Results

There is a complete time management and efficiency system I have been developing from the experiences I have working with George Ross (Celebrity Apprentice), Wayne Allyn Root and from my own business experience. I have used several

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labels for this system in coaching clients including the 80:20 Time Management System. This is an idea that developed from working with George who is a major advocate and teacher of the 80:20 rule for achieving extraordinary results.

Why Brain Surgery Time Management

On a call recently I asked the question “do you think brain surgeons leverage their time?” The discussion included the response that since brain surgery is so specialized there is no leverage. I explained that brain surgery may be the best example of optimal leverage. Nearly everything in advance of, during and following brain surgery is done by others. The brain surgeon evaluates the patient and concludes on the procedure only after a huge number of preliminary steps are taken. Then the actual procedure takes place when all the facilities, equipment and support staff are ready. When ready the surgeon uses his or her specialized skill and then turns most of the rest of the process over to support.

Critical Path

What makes the most difference? All the support before, during and after brain surgery is irrelevant without the surgeon using her or his skills and successfully operating. The surgeon is trained to work with all the support for a successful procedure. In business many people do all the steps themselves. This is why I am completely focused on identifying with clients the actions that make the most difference in achieving their business performance goals.

George Ross reminds us that 20% of what we do result in 80% of the income we earn. Wayne Allyn Root advises on a system of positive addictions with focus on actions that are directly related to goal achievement.

The scope of this topic including how to implement Brain Surgery Time Management is much bigger than what can be covered in an article. However, this presents the key foundation points and if you need help then….

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