USA Today Reports on How Businesses Use Twitter To Communicate With Cusotomers Plus My Published Comments

USA Today published an accurate article today based on my experience. This article is on how an increasing number of companies are using Twitter to communicate with customers.  I am connected with a number of the companies referenced in the article and have seen how they are using Twitter and other social media sites.  Like the USA today I think they have it more right than wrong. I also know the vast majority of businesses have no idea what social media is or how to use it.

I think it is important to establish some credibility when publishing a point of view on social media. I have included here my comments that you will find connected with the USA today article.

Click Here For The Full Article.  My comments that are published there also follow:


My experience with social media started about 14 months ago with Facebook and extended to Twitter and others about 6 months later. My sole purpose was to understand how to use social media for effective marketing. Effective marketing is building trust, authenticity and transparency.

This article is right on siting a number of companies effectively using Twitter and other social media services. Twitter is a very effective service for me as it is an integral part of building several businesses. Manifest Mastermind, has been build entirely using social media. A recent large business consulting project is a direct result of using social media. My consulting practice is presented on a blog and includes YouTube video at

There is work involved in all of this and the work needs to support a strategy. I feel the people who question the usefulness of the tools don’t understand them and don’t do the work.


BTW my social network is now large. If you have a product or service you would like to market, you are welcome to contact me.

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