DubLi Auctions, DubLi Auction Network Shows SEO Value of Video and Blogs

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The report mentioned in this video was published on Steve Reports on 9-15-08 here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/5fk85s The article shows how video took my site http://dublian.com to number one on Google. This video now shows how the report published on my blog is in the top ranking on Google. The key to that ranking are the keywords in the title and in how I have permalink set in the WordPress settings.

This is an example of what you learn when you join my Facebook Groups teaching video, blogging and building business profits. Those groups are:

YouTube Mastery
Blogging For Profits
Build Business Profits

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My highest recommendation is a four pronged attack designed to generate immediate results for you business. These are:

Contact Information Capture and Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Blog Marketing
Integration of Video and Blog With Your Web Site Foundation…SEO on steroids.
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Hosting One Year
Full Cpanel Access Your Log-In and Password
Your Domain Hosted on My Server
Setup a Website Template on Your Domain
Wordpress Blog Set-Up In A Subdomain
10-15 Plugins Loaded
Up To Three Graphical Blog Templates Loaded That You Pick
Your Own Email Autoresponder Account With Three Getting Started Messages
Three 4-8 Minute Videos Optimized for Video Syndication and Integrated With Your Website and Blog. This feature alone is worth more than the price of this package.
Up To 10 hours of consultation focused on guiding you to making more money with your business starting now. The value of this feature exceeds the price of this package. If you don’t agree after we work together, I will refund all your money and the products we developed plus the hosting is still yours.
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