Teaching by Example…That Was My Dad and This Is My Goodbye Tribute to Him

The opening sentence was missed on video “My Dad Taught by Example” I used several stories to amplify what a portion of what I learned from my dad, Stephen R. Pohlit, Sr. whose passing we honored on September 8, 2012 at the Visitation Church, Johnstown, Pa

The main lessons I discussed are:

1. Everyone is so special and this is so profoundly evident when you think about the probability of any of us being here at all.
2. Honor Thy father and mother. I didn’t always do that as well as I could. As my brother David says, the older we got the smarter our parents became.
3. Do not hold anger and resentment…release negative emotions.

The biggest one is most of the time very little is needed to be said.

Thank you dad, I love you