WordPress Blogging Is A Foundation Marketing Tool: Backup Your Content

There are four foundation tools every business should be using as part of their marketeing strategy. These are listed on my site www.stevepohlit.com   I  have also  written detailed articles about these foundation tools. For example Click Here for an article on how blogs and video help your internet site search engine ranking. You sould be subscribed to Steve Reports for tons of information I publish that will help your business grow profitable revenue.

For your convenience the foundation tools are:

  1. A currently updated website, keyword optimized and with  contact information capture script with linked to an autoresponder.
  2. A blog that is regularly updated with relevant information and links to your website. You blog should also have contact information capture script linked to your autoresponder. Register at http://bloggingforprofits.biz  for free instuctional videos on how to do this. Here is my introductory video on Blogging For Profits again for your convenience
  3. Use short videos that you produce, topic and keyword specific that you post to your blog. Select ones should be posted to your website. Register at  http://youtubemastery.net for more than 20 videos that teach you how to do this for free.
  4. Enhance the relationships with your customers and prospect list with email communication. Use off line actions including; meetings, phone calls, post cards and letters.  This is why you want to capture the contact information of visitors to your website and blog.
Of course there is more and that is covered in the marketing module of my business consulting practice. My contact information follows this article.
By now most people are aware of how to backup websites and most autoresponder companies provide an easy to use download feature for you customer database. My preferred autoresponder service is Aweber Click Here 
It seems most people are not thinking about all the content they add to their blogs and the backup of a blog is differenet than a website. WordPress Blogs, and I believe most other formats, run by adding your content to a database. WordPress based blogs all use MySQL database technology. Sounds “Twilight Zone” but it isn’t except for you are not able to simply backup your files like you are  able to do with a website. You must backup the database.   

Sounds scary?  It isn’t. Watch the video I prepared on this topic and I suggest you believe me when I say: “if I can do this …you can do this”.  Of couse if you don’t want to do any of this and have someone do it for you, I am ready to help.  For the video on how to back up you WordPress Blog Please Click Here. 

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