Building Business Profits Linking To A Major Event

Major events offer an opportunity to capture traffic searching on the keywords for the event.  Caution: there needs to be  credible link to the event or you could develop negative goodwill with the campaign.

In this example the business is Manifest Mastermind which teaches the principles of focused intent, imaging results, using a mastermind group and in general all the principles of The Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction’s popularity increased significantly with the release of the movie The Secret and the book by the same name.  

In this example, we were testing the idea of drawing the parallels to President Obama’s successful campaign and inauguration. We knew the inauguration would be a very popular search term. We choose YouTube video as the network for a short video clip. Our goal was to measure our opt ins during the two day test. The two days included the day of the inauguration and the day before. 

Our results exceeded our expectations with opt in rates more than double our projections for the test period. 

Manifest Mastermind is using video throughout the sales cycle and I highly recommend your business adopt this business building technique.

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