Take Action and Like Taylor Hicks, You Can Be An American Idol In Front of Your Family, Employees and Customers

Take Action and Like Taylor Hicks, You Can Be An American Idol In Front of Your Family, Employees and Customers

Taylor Hicks Asks: Do I Make You Proud? Our Answer Is: Yes You Do!! American Idol Is A Great Example of "If You Believe It – It Can Happen"

More votes than any president of the United States. 63.4 million people voted and Taylor Hicks of Birmingham, Alabama is our new American Idol. Taylor, you deserve our applause and our thank you for bringing joy into our homes. All the American Idol contestants also deserve our applause because they stood up, walked on stage and gave it their best.

You can be the Idol in front of your customers, employees, friends and family.

I repeat – there are no losers here. Look at "The Broke Note Cowboys." By any standard, these guys cannot sing. Yet here they were entertaining an audience exceeding 40 million and I loved the show. There were more wonderful examples.

Nothing can happen if you don’t get up on stage. If you have a dream and don’t get up on stage it will remain a dream. You have to do your part.

Personally, I could write a long story on my views of tonight’s American Idol finale. I’ll leave that up to the journalists, TV critics and music industry experts. What I will stay focused on are the lessons than I believe will help you in your business right now. They are:

1. Take action. Get up on your stage and make something happen. Even if you can’t sing, people will welcome you if you are sincere and passionate about what you do.

2. Achievements happen with the support of others. Look at all the finalists of American Idol. They were coached by professionals on singing, dancing, dressing and more. There were back-up singers, musicians, production crew and a lot of other people that made this show so we could experience it.

3. Have total respect for you competitors

4. Play so everyone wins.

5. Remember who shed the biggest tears – their family.

I started watching the American Idol season towards the end. I understand why it captures the heart of America. American Idol broadcasts the reality of The American Dream. If we in our lives and in our business sit back and do everything the same as we did yesterday, the results are very predictable. That is right, the results will be the same. What is your back-up plan? How do you adjust your plan when the road you are on does not seem to be getting you to
your destination? Do you have a destination other than the grave?

Wake up – take action. Business owners, make a difference in the lives of your customers and employees. You will be richly rewarded for giving not taking. If you are not sure of the first step then take do one of two things: a.) call me b.) subscribe to my course. How to do both can be found atwww.stevepohlit.com

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