Setting Goals Is Useless Without The Secret

Goal setting is a widely recommended and accepted part of making progress. You may have a goal to learn how to design a web site, how to implement a direct mail campaign, how to run a productive meeting or a goal to become more healthy. These goals may fit into one or more strategic goals like consistently increasing profits or having more energy. Goal setting seems simple enough. Why doesn’t goal setting work in most cases?

You may be thinking here comes the “take action” advice that you have read about, heard in seminars and even have tried to implement. This article is not a lecture on implementing specific steps that are required to achieve a defined goal. Most readers already know that implementing targeted action steps are required to achieve an intended end result. This article is about using The Secret to achieve your goals.

What is The Secret? My work is primarily focused on helping companies achieve their performance potential. If you have read the material in my mini-course “How To Increase Profits by 30% or More in 90 Days or Less” you already know I plant the seed for achieving the profit improvement goal even before the project starts. The project then begins to focus on specific tasks that need to be completed to achieve the goal. Once on the road to achieving the near term goal, we move to a further refinement in how the company operates longer term in order to sustain the targeted profitable growth rate.

From experience I know the process works perfectly. What I didn’t know was why it worked better in some cases than in others. Then I discovered The Secret. Simply stated the most successful companies had leaders who not only bought into the process for achieving intended results, but who also started living the results in their minds as if they were already achieved.

I recognized long ago that by using the words “painting the picture of success” those who did the painting were the most successful. But honestly I didn’t understand that’s what was happening until I began a close examination of what went well and what didn’t for me personally and why. In every instance what happened was a direct result of what I was imaging in my mind. The more I studied “The Secret” the more I realized the principles are universal which is why some of my clients really started flying like eagles and others did not accelerate at a similar pace.

If you talk with people who have successful coaching businesses, you will find their programs generally run for many months or even a year to allow time for the concepts they are teaching to become part of their coaching student’s life. When those coaches share all the facts you will find that even though people are paying money for the program, only a minority really work the program. In addition when the program is over, a high percentage of the people going through those programs fall back to their old habits in a short period of time.

My consulting work with business clients is no different. All my clients who work through the entire process end up doing better. A small percentage really excel. They outperform any previous results and they outperform the competition. Why? Because they see it happening in their mind before it does and they attract that which fuels the painting of the picture. That Is The Secret.

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Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant
“Helping Companies Achieve A Consistently High Rate of Profit Growth”

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