“The ME Factor” Article 2: The Magic Multiplier Effect

“The ME Factor” is the mathematical result of multiplying your own rating or score for making money (M) times your own rating for how much enjoyment (E) you experience from making your money.

For example, let’s say your personal goal is to make $$10,000 a month and let’s say your income is $10,000 a month. Your money score is 10. Let’s also say you totally enjoy what you do and have no desire to do anything else. That being the case, your enjoyment score (E) is 10. With two 10’s, your ME Factor is 10 x 10 or 100. That is the highest score possible.

Have you ever met anyone with a ME Factor of 100? I have met a lot more people with low scores than I have with high scores. How do I know their score? Well I don’t know exactly, but I can guess by talking with them.

Exercise 1:

What is your ME Factor right now? Give yourself an honest rating. When doing this exercise please keep your score within the context of how well you are doing making the money you want to earn and how much you enjoy what you are doing to make that money. This is not about an overall happiness rating. You may love the work you do but despise your life outside of your work. In a later article, I will share with you some resources that may help you with the areas outside of your work. For now this is just about the work you do and how much you enjoy it.

Why start with the money you make and the enjoyment you derive from doing the work that pays you? Why not start with your overall life happiness level? It has been my experience when a person enjoys what they do for the money they are paid, most other life issues either do not exist at all or are more easily dealt with. So we are starting with your level of satisfaction with the money you make and your rating of how much you enjoy doing what pays you.

Exercise 2:

You are about to discover some amazing tools and techniques for raising your ME Factor. First, whatever your M rating was, raise it by 1 and recalculate your ME Factor. For example let’s say your M rating was 3 and your E rating was 4. In that case your ME Factor is 3×4 or 12. Now add 1 to the 3. The last time I used my fingers for that math I got 4. Now you have 4 x 4 or 16. Notice how by simply raising one of the ratings by 1 you experience the multiplier effect. In this case 4 points were added to your overall ME Factor.

In the next example let’s review Mike whose M rating is 9 and whose E rating is 3. Mike’s ME Factor is 27. When Mike is successful in raising his E rating to let’s say a 6, a three point increase in his E rating takes his ME Factor from 27 to 54 (6×9 =54). His ME Factor doubles!!

Now that you have learned the multiplier effect, isn’t it worth your time to raise your rating on the M or the E or both by at least 1? Do you need more convincing? People with high ME Factors are more likely to be healthy, since there is less stress in their lives. They eat and drink less of the food and drink that is harmful. Less stress usually means they are more productive and easier to get along with. They seem to continually gain more wealth, friendships and even more happiness.

Exercise 3:

a. You have calculated your ME Factor (if not do it now.)
b. List on a separate sheet of paper each idea (one idea per sheet) you have for increasing your M rating and indicate how many points your M rating would increase if you implemented the idea you have listed.
c. List on a separate sheet of paper each idea (one idea per sheet)you have for increasing your E rating and indicate how many points your E rating would increase if you implemented the idea you have listed.
d. For each idea in b and C, list the actions you could take to implement the idea
e. Evaluate all the ideas you have listed and the associated actions and pick the easiest one to implement and raise either your M or E rating by 1.

It is important you focus on increasing the M or E by 1. Not both by 1 or by more than 1. Just 1 and it can be for the M or the E it depends where you need to make the most progress. The time needed for implementation can be immediate or it can be up to one week. This will keep you focused on an idea and actions that are within your control now.

In the articles to follow, we will look more closely at the options for increasing each of the components of The ME Factor. Subscribe to Steve Reports at SteveReports.com so you don’t miss a single edition.

May you and all permanently experience prosperous health, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
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