Customer Service Is Viral

If you are in a business that sells services, staff your business for the convenience of your customer base. Your staff should be trained to tell the truth. If your company operates several divisions, for example customer care and field support, your systems should be integrated so customer care has the latest information on service issues and status.

For example if you happen to be Bright House Networks, having a thin staff after 6PM on a weeknight when a lot of people are home from work and have the opportunity to call tech support is not a good idea. It is also not a good idea to schedule a technician to be at a customer’s home for service and then just not show up. Doing that twice is particularly irritating. Being placed on hold for extended periods of time creates tremendous ill will. Being told incomplete and even false information is even worse than being on hold. Being stood up for appointments makes a person who is paying for service feel really bad about sending money. When customers are treated like this, they have the incentive to jump ship to the first company who convinces them their service are better.

For those competitors of companies of Bright House thinking they can easily motivate a disgruntled customer, don’t be too quick to conclude unhappy customers of are “low hanging fruit.” Most people buying cable, cell and other technology services realize the “devil you know is often better that the devil you don’t.”

The best way to earn new customers is to take very good care of the ones you have. The word spreads. It is called viral marketing. Viral marketing can help you lose customers too. In this article I mention a company where I have experienced periodic problems of increasing magnitude. There are new services like the FOS network of Verizon that I have looked at. I have not heard much complaining about Verizon lately.

Isn’t it unfortunate we often look for the fewest complaints when considering technology services. There are exceptions. Host Gator, my web site hosting company is absolutely wonderful. The few times that I have called them, they have always been very helpful. Notice I said the few times that I have called them. Apple is another one. My new iPhone is remarkable. I have had just a few minor issues. Each time, I have simply gone online and watched a video or read a report. The information they provide is outstanding. I did call AT&T, iPhone’s partner, about a weak signal. I reached a very pleasant person who told me I was in a weak signal area even though there are 50 towers in my market. I asked them to maybe make an adjustment to one of those 50. I was informed a trouble ticket had been entered on my behalf while we had been talking. The signal has improved.

As you progress through your day, there are countless opportunities to observe companies that basically get it and ones that don’t. I learn from both examples and use those examples to help my consulting clients improve. I also use the best examples when choosing new services.

Just one more thing, when you have a customer who has been with your company a long time, take good care of them. When a new product like the iPhone which is totally cool comes out, they may be tempted, but will stay your customer because of how they have been treated. I hope Nextel reads this and acts on it.

I used to become very upset with all the “should be, should have been, etc.” Now I am practicing being calm and happy all the time. I have learned the principle that what you feel and bring into your life is a result of what you think about and what you focus on. Nobody or event can upset you. It is impossible. When you are upset, it is a result of what you are thinking about. This is easier to write than to do when you have been conditioned like I have. I hope it is easier for you. There is some material at a site in development that I have named The Prosperity Roadmap that I really like and maybe you will too.

May you and yours experience permanent prosperity in all areas of you life.

Steve Pohlit

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