Great Question Posed To Joel Comm On What Resources To Subscribe To – Not So Great Advice From Joel

If you do not know Joel Comm, just type Joel Comm into your search screen and you will soon learn Joel is an Internet marketer known for his work on Adsense and has now expanded the scope of his work. He is no longer betting the destiny of his business on one business model.

One of Joel’s newsletter subscribers recently asked advice on what newsletters he recommended. Joel produced a You Tube video to answer this question. First I love videos but I don’t want to watch one for an answer I can get in print in about 15 seconds. If you want to use video for a question and answer format then provide both print and video options.

Joel’s response to this question was to pay attention to what you feel is valuable and then stay subscribed to those newsletters. My view is that this is incomplete advice. I recommend you seek out the clear experts in your field of interest and subscribe to their newsletters. All they write about may not be of immediate interest and value to you. However, I am confident their material will have long term value for you.

There are a lot of people I pay attention to but only a few who have a big impact on me long term. I suspect you will discover this is true for you as well.

I welcome your comments.

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