Stephen Pierce Talks Ballistic vs. Guided: My Talkback With Stephen

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Being Guided

Great topic Stephen and Step 1 is very critical. Step 1 is “Clarify Intent and Purpose” Many of us seem to feel we know our intent regarding a specific task or project but when we sit back and look at all of our activities and pause, often we discover that these actions are not really satisfying us.

Defining your purpose can be challenging for many – it has been for myself. In fact I am consistently monitoring my feedback system regarding the direction I am moving. I believe the best feedback system is your feelings.

Let me clarify this. Stephen is absolutely correct in outlining the steps to staying on course for say performance in a job or on a project or in your business. I have consistently advised companies as part of my 10 Minute MBA training program to have a trusted advisory board. Public companies are required to have a board of directors. Many private companies, in fact most, do not have an advisory board. At the job or project level, feedback systems can be created with people outside the immediate project group or chain of command. Within that professional environment monitoring your feelings about progress is also very important. Your guidance system within is a powerful benchmark. This guidance system is best used for your life’s purpose first.

There is a process to follow in order to reach a higher level of guidance linked to your life’s purpose. It has been my experience that even with the answers within immediate reach, many people are not interested in doing the work required to get to the answer. I start professional and life lesson projects with the same question: what is the goal? For me the goal is being at peace with the direction I am moving.

I remind you the reader of the same lesson I offer people in The Prosperity Now Program If you have a desire for to jump out of airplanes for your leisure activities you can be at peace doing that if that is part of who you are. I for one do not seek such thrills at this point. Peace comes for me with being on purpose. The entire Prosperity Now program is designed to help us be on purpose with our lives. When we on purpose my experience has been that daily work, relationships, health and manifesting dreams and desires fall into place.

Thank you Stephen for another outstanding topic

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