Is Paid Click Advertising Dead?…And This Was Posed by A Professor. Steve Pohlit Reports Resonds

A professor writes for iMedia regarding the viability of paid search. Click Here for the link

This is a perfect example of professors teaching principle based on academic research vs. actual experience. I encourage you to read the entire post and my response. The following is what I published. ………………………

Hello and thank you for the post and data. Regarding the data on blogs I am wondering if it captures the blog hosted on a server supporting a domain name. For example is a WordPress blog platform hosted on space I lease. I set it up without going through the WordPress site. Seems to me this would distort you analysis.

The substantive issue of your article is on paid search. I just spent a year with an eCommerce business model where paid search continues to be an important part of the marketing strategy. Every campaign was carefully constructed and revenue vs. cost was continually monitored. To give you an idea of volume the company invests about $15,000 a month in paid search.

The results continue to exceed forecast. As long as there is profit after cost of the ad and cost of the product sold the ads will continue. As this is written the performance of paid search is very lucrative for the business.

Marketing strategy is a meaningful component of The Profit System I developed to help companies improve revenue and profits. I continue to recommend and assist clients with the implementation of paid click advertising.

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant

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