Fear of Failure, Recession, Bankruptcy … More: The Law of Attraction Is Always Working

Are you one of the hundreds of millions who check the papers, TV, radio or Internet to see how things are going?  Do you decide on how you are feeling by what you read or others talk about?  Do you think the information we receive about our economy, the world, our health, our relationships is the truth or someone’s opinion of reality?

Recently a friend invited me to a restaurant for diner and the owner introduced himself and his wife. His name is Richard.  Richard discovered,  because he asked, that I had some experience with business.  He wondered what I felt about our economy. I said that I didn’t understand why so many perfectly intelligent people decided they were agreeing we were in a recession.  A few reporters decided some numbers suggested that and all of a sudden an entire nation is feeling bad.

I relayed some of my experiences.  I have worked with companies struggling in what reporters labeled boom times. I have also worked with companies doing extremely well in periods labeled as declining, recessionary and so on.  I feel the difference in doing well and not doing well is what we think about, our experience managing changing circumstances and knowing when to request help.

My firm International Resources (www.IRConsultingInc.com) is successful helping companies large and small improve business performance. Nothing is ever stagnant so we work with management so they are better prepared to benefit from positive trends as well as reverse negative one.  If you feel your business could be doing a lot better but you are not sure how to prioritize and structure your company for much higher profits, call me and let’s discuss it.  I am Steve Pohlit and my direct number is 727-587-7871.

If you think about those times when nothing seemed like it could go wrong, how did you feel?  Going deeper what did you think about?  Did your attention give rise to more success or not? In general, I would guess that the upward spiral continued and if you are not in that state now it is because you heard you should be doing worse and feeling bad.

Remember the downward slides?  Maybe you feel you are in one of them now.  You probably recognize that it is your mood that is making the biggest difference.  Look out around you. What do you see? Doom and gloom or prosperity? I feel you see what it is that you want to validate.  if you want to feel that many other people are enjoying their work and their lives, that is what you will see. You can also experience the reverse.

The mood of lenders is restrictive. The mood of  many business leaders is cautious. There is no upside to a corporate or financial institution employee taking any risks right now. Yet the economics of many deals have never been better. There is little or no upside to a reporter publishing any positive economic news. Sensational negative news sells.  Why is that?  I don’t know but if it didn’t sell well it wouldn’t dominate the newspapers and media.

Do you want the recession to be over?  Then declare it is over.  If we don’t stop this insane attitude, we will continue to get more of what we focus on. That is the Law of Attraction.  “The only thing to fear is fear itself” That a famous historical quote. President Roosevelt knew that fear is a powerful emotion that attracts negative results.

Who do you know that sets a great example on a balanced attitude regardless of published economic trends? One of my favorites is Warren Buffet.  He has the long term view and recognizes there can be periods of time that don’t yield the same results as others. He is one of the wealthiest men in the world and goes to work every day because he loves what he does.  I admire his attitude and learn from him and others like him.

So if you have read this far I ask what are you going to do different starting now?  Are you going to stop buying the doom and gloom stories?  Are you going to start developing a stronger and consistent prosperity attitude.  Join me in that mindset, posture and related actions. James Allen wrote “As A Man Thinketh” We move in the direction of our current dominant thought. What direction do you want to move in?  Take your attitude temperature and depending on the reading you can predict where your company, job, finances and relationships are headed. It is all up to you just as it is all  up to me what happens in my life.  When more of us get that, not only will any doom or gloom be over but it won’t happen again.

Sending all my readers the energy of wellness, peace and abundance.

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