Skyrocket The Value of Your Network At MEGA Partnering 2011

Success Tip #1 “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

Throughout my career, whenever I was on top of my game there were very successful people in my network. During late August 2009 I made a commitment to renew and again form relationships with highly successful people.

JT Foxx

Shortly thereafter, I received a call from JT Foxx and in that instant I began to accelerate my network of highly successful people.  In future articles  I will share with you examples of people I am now connected with as a result of attending three  Mega Partnering events in 2010.  For example, Joe Sugarman who is a marketing legend and now I am honored to say he is a good friend.  In my next article I will detail how I met Joe and the basis for that relationship  growing. I am sure you will find valuable lessons in that story.

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons  founded one of the most famous rock bands in history KISS.  What you may not know is Gene is an amazing marketer.  Not only has KISS sold more than 50 million albums but he has orchestrated the branding and merchandising of hundreds of millions of dollars of KISS products.

Will you develop a close relationship with Gene Simmons if you attend Mega Partnering? This I know: there are a limited number of VIP tickets available that include having your picture taken with Gene in addition to a seat at the VIP dinner with Gene, Jay Abraham and more.

Why Should You Care About A Picture With A Celebrity?

It is about the people that celebrities like Gene Simmons, Wayne Allyn Root, Wayne Palmer and more attract.  The quality of those attending . Meet our top mentoring student partners who are doing amazing deals throughout North America every week plus a large group of very successful people with money to invest and who looking for deal partners.

Don’t miss this event.  Click  Here for more information including a video of Gene Simmons being interviewed by Michael Eisner.

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