It Is Never To Late To Begin Your Business

“It’s never too late to start a business as long as you work long enough to understand the ins and outs of what you are about to do, know that you can do it, but you have to do it with research”  Dr Joyce Knudsen

Now is a great time to position yourself for the new year. I highly recommend working in a niche where there is huge demand for information and where people are spending a lot of money on products as well. The number one niche is health and wellness.

Next, I recommend selecting a company and product that is backed by amazing scientific research including double blind studies. Bonus: select a company where there seems to be a lot of competition but in reality there   is none.

You can begin quickly with the company and product line I highly recommend. You do not have to spend a huge amount of time learning the ins and outs as Dr Joyce suggests. The research is very easy to navigate so your due diligence time is minimal. As an example, when I was introduced to the company and main product, I began sharing information the very next day following my order being placed and I had my system in 5 business days after order placement. I have been on a roll since.

The company and bio electric magnetic energy regulation medical device I represent is incredible. All information shared is backed by science No competitor can compare to the results from what is does. No selling – this is an information share model. For more detailed information message me me or text.


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This JV Deal Builds Wealth and Has A Significant Humanitarian Benefit

We delivered advice to a company that was very valuable. When they benefited greatly, we were granted us an exclusive entry at a founder’s price .  Now we are sharing that benefit.

Key points

Immediate value at multiples of the amount funded.  Ex Fund $3 million and your money receives equity interest in assets and stock valued in multiples of that. No waiting – it is instant.

The JV partner will participate in cash flow earnings and these are likely to be increasingly lucrative.

The business platform is income producing in a very solid niche market.

There is a direct link to growing  operations and the recovery of  a large area severely affected by storms.

That is all I can share unless you sign and non disclosure agreement and you are qualified.


Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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Rare Joint Venture Opportunity In Commercial Real Estate

$7.5 Million

Immediate Equity that increases the already lucrative annual ROI

Rock solid 10 year triple net lease in place

NDA required for details and viable options for qualified investors

Yes the entire deal can be purchased and there is a very exciting upside doing that.


Steve Pohlit
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Likely The Most Secured and Valuable Business Model On The Planet

Time To Be Great, LLC (TTBG)

Time To Be Great LLC is the  name of our company or TTBG.  The time is now as many businesses operating  in the traditional fashion are not working very well.  Just today a report was published stating that in major metro markets more businesses are closing than opening for the first time ever. On the same day I sent the first draft of our business summary to my partner for review before it is sent to those interested who have  signed an NDA or non disclosure agreement. This article offers the main features of our business as our goal is to attract more who are interested.

TTBG Defined and Our  Foundation Principles 

TTBG is an innovative business development platform that solves the problem of people and companies that have assets with substantial  value and inadequate liquidity (cash)  This uniquely  valuable  business model operates with very few absolutes. The few include:

  • TTBG controls the asset and the deal
  • We only do business with people we know and want to work with or who come highly referred and pass our vetting.
  • Before an asset is assigned to our control, there is a notarized memorandum of understanding that includes the terms and conditions a preferred member in our company first. Once done the asset is assigned and we proceed to the capital raise phase.
  • Sources of funds for our assets already assigned to TTBG or to be controlled in the future are highly  secured by our assets and by the shares of the  preferred members assigning the assets to our company. There is another additional benefit:  a person participating in the funding that is liquidity for our assets is also a preferred member. They in essence have preferred stock. All are  defined with a notarized memorandum of understanding prior to the funding.  The value of that funding  position is determined by the value of our company  which already  is increasing rapidly and the time the funds are deployed.
  • We honor all referrals for assets and funding.

Near Term Priorities 

We are  in the next phase of connecting with potential preferred members interested in funding liquidity for the assets already controlled by TTBY Our interest in valuable assets including real estate, manufacturing, retail, more that need liquidity is ongoing.

Contact For More Information 

Steve Pohlit . Managing Partner
Time To Be Great, LLC
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How We Are Strategically Linking Our Business Development Platform, Time To Be Great LLC ,to The Health and Wellness Niche

time-to-be-great Our business development platform was highlighted in an article recently and along with the video found there (click)  has been seen by almost 2,000 people. That interest for a new business model tells us we are on the right track. We have an outstanding group of founding members and have quietly left the door open for exceptional people who understand and want to be part of where we are headed.

These are the primary attributes that have caught people’s attention:

The money of all founding members is completely secured by assets (all real estate at this point) owned by the company that total more than two times on a conservative level the amount of the funds that are partnering with us.

Founding members are guaranteed a 25% return on their money annualized should they decide to leave. With that guarantee you can see we project actual returns for staying with the business to be much higher.

We have three primary sources of larger funding for our company. One of them is under our control and the other two are dependent on the decisions of the people considering funding us. All three may hydrate our company but most certainly the one we are launching on January 20, 2017 will. When funded we will return all the founding members capital plus a return and leave them in the business at their original net profit share percentage. This one move that nobody does removes all risk for founding members and rewards them for supporting the start of this business model.

no-bamk-zoneOur business model is disruptive. We have simple agreements with arbitration clauses if there are any questions. We do not use lawyers and we do not rely on banks for capital. We call this our no bank zone model meaning while we work with banks for holding and transferring funds we will only use back funding if it fits the value added model of our business.

Business Strategy

Organic is a word you would here frequently when talking with me or my partner. What this means is deals with high value added opportunities find us. Some deals have high pain points meaning that while there is very strong asset value, the principles are not able to capitalize on it for some reason. We solve the problem with them and they participate in the resulting gains with our company.

Not all deals are experiencing pain. A recent opportunity that we like and we will test has very nice valuation multiples. We will confirm our assumptions with a test and once confirmed this will be rolled out on a select city location basis nationwide.

Through a number of seemingly unrelated factors at the time we have attracted some very strong founding members in the health and wellness space. Prior to that we had already outlined a physical location strategy with totally unique and valuable attributes that will have huge appeal for nearly everyone wanting to improve the quality of their health. While the concept is very exciting we already are positioning this segment to be developed and managed by a small group of experts with relevant core competencies. This is import because as an owner, along with my partner our primary mission is to identify an opportunity, leverage people and funding to turn the opportunity in lucrative reality. Yes we do have an oversight responsibility and will have all the information systems and procedures in place to assure plans are well executed.

For More Information

Please note and non disclosure agreement will need to be signed and once you do you will have complete access to all of our information.

Steve Pohlit, Managing Member
Time To Be Great, LLC
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Angry White Male by Wayne Allyn Root – Interview

A Must Read Book For Those Who Care About America. Listen to The Interview Now. The Book Release Is August 23, 2016.

Angry White Male

Two days before the launch of his newest book Angry White Male and one day before the start of his book tour, Steve Pohlit hosted this interview. Hear Wayne’s passion for America, his candor about the true state of our economy and nation.

Just like the book, Wayne does not hold anything back during this discussion. We covered a lot but you really owe it to yourself to get the book. The easiest place is on Amazon and it is available for immediate download.

Wayne and I thank you and welcome your reviews on Amazon.

Click Here For The Interview in mp3 format. You can import it to your phone
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Wayne’s website is where you can register for all his media updates.

We look forward to your comments here and on Amazon

Steve Pohlit

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Business Development Platform Joins the Group of Valuable Businesses That Disrupts The Marketplace

Uber did it in transportation. AirBnB did it in hospitality . Looking at other business models that are well established and sluggish our group of members realized an opportunity for a innovative, ethical and very profitable model for facilitating transactions where we have expertise.

The primary structure of this model is to partner with business owners that have undervalued assets that also offer a framework for expansion. We restructure the capitalization of the business assets which are either real estate or a proven income stream and execute a plan that results in multiples of  the original value. Partners gain much more equity and members of the platform share in the returns earned.  Member’s funds are secured and can opt out at anytime after 10 months and receive their original funding amount plus a defined gain.  The main criteria for accepting members is having a moderate level of business experience. Contact information follows for those interested in this open invitation.


Steve Pohlit
Member, Director

How To Reduce Healthcare Costs That Are Already Out of Control

“You Don’t Have To Cure What You Can Prevent”  I love that quote shared by Paul St. John who leads the science and medical parts of our weekly product presentations

You are welcome to watch the video on this topic or continue reading the text.

Being healthy means a lot more than not having to spend money on medical care. It also means your physical energy and mental acuity are at levels that result in consistent productivity. Productive employees and entrepreneurs are very valuable. Healthy and productive people do not miss days of work because of illness. Lost time on the job or in your own business is more costly than the cost of health care in many cases. health care costs by age Source ForbesWith that check out the chart and that is data in 2012 so the numbers are higher.

I am an entrepreneur. I am no longer on anyone’s payroll. If I get sick or develop some disease state that takes me out of my business, I have to pay for the care and I am not able to build my business. Knowing that taking care of my health has always been a priority. However it was not until about 3 years ago that I learned how to maintain my weight within my defined target with a sustainable nutrition program.

Nearly a year ago I learned that even with nutritious food, healthy water and quality supplements the blood flow at my micro vessel level was likely to have a certain degree of impairment. While I cannot see this system which is 74%-174% of my body’s circulation system, I knew there has to be some issues because like everyone I am biologically aging, I am exposed to toxins and chemicals, I am exposed to AC radiation from cell phones, WiFi, radio signals, TV signals, I have varying degrees of stress in my life, I am bombarded when I go through airports and more. Knowing this now I am somewhat surprised I have not had any real problems yet. However I immediately acquired the bio technology medical device I now represent because it’s signal is the only product in the world that significantly enhances blood flow at the micro vessel level. So now by using it for 8 minutes twice a day I am improving my circulatory system and further minimizing my risk of developing adverse health conditions.

Comprehensive Preventive Healthcare Program

As I reflect on those periods where I was managing employees including a rather large business that I owned with a partner, I realize that if I were to do that today I would implement a preventive health care program with the medical device as its foundation. This program would include a company policy on health that would detail the requirement for no unhealthy food or drinks in vending machines, consistent education on healthy lifestyle, preventive counseling and using the medical device daily as part of the job description. I would support the acquisition of medical devices for the home and employee’s family and be certain everyone was trained in its proper use. We would track improvements in health measurements like blood sugar, blood pressure and incorporate live blood analysis which is easy to do.

Trends in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and more are at epidemic levels which means there is a high probability of a costly incident if aggressive preventive measures are not taken. Again it is not just the cost of care. It is the cost of lost productivity and ever worse losing a valuable person.

Contact Me For Getting Started With You Own Comprehensive Preventive Healthcare Program.

Regarding the FDA Approved Medical Device:

A red button with the words "Take action" on itIf you still are not clear about how valuable the device is for your health contact me and I will help clear up any questions.. I have found that when a person  understands what this does and how it helps us, they start moving in the direction of owning one. Once people own one most begin sharing the information and possibly the experience with others. The culture of the company is all about helping others and it feels really good to do that.

I sincerely wish you the best of health and will continue to share information with you about this incredible system. My intention is that you join the growing group of people benefiting from  8 minutes twice a day lying on your own device

Steve Pohlit
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Real Estate Investor

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PS If you are financially challenged we have a new program effective June 1 where you can start sharing the information about the medical device  and earning direct sales commissions for a one time payment of $290. That can quickly help you earn the money for your own medical device. Registration is fast and easy. Let me know if you have an interest.

Building Business Profits Fast In The Real Estate Niche

Building Real Estate Business Profits Fast

Building Business Profits FastAdapted from the book Building Business Profits Fast by Steve Pohlit and published in 2013 on Amazon, updated here based on new experiences.

My background briefly: Professional  Speaker,  CPA (inactive now) , MBA, Arthur Andersen (world’s largest public accounting, tax and consulting firm before being destroyed by Enron) , Financial Executive of three very large companies, Board Member, worked with very successful very well known business people and then I went into the entrepreneurial niche where I bought ans sold companies, started new companies and more. I have made a lot of money and lost a lot more. Making a lot of money is better. Losing resulted in me learning the most.  With that it is better to follow my advice rather than experiencing those negatives yourself.

From my own experiences including being mentored by some amazing people,  coaching hundreds of people and seeing the results, I feel I am well qualified to present these action steps.  I honor your time and attention and my intent is to deliver extraordinary value.

Starting With An End Game Component In Mind

The end is where you have raised the funds and you close a deal. If it is a flip I am talking about closing on the sales side where your profit is made or not. If it is  a buy and hold profit begins when the cash flow starts and meets your projections. If it is  wholesaling then it is when you are paid for the assignment of the contract.

I recently did a video on how to do deals when you have no money. Actually the principles apply whether you have money or not. In most cases I am an advocate of partnering for money. Most deals get done with a combination of debt and equity. A seller financing deal is where the seller is the bank. Buy fix and flips, buy and hold, are usually always a combination of debt and equity or loans and cash. If you are wholesaling in any meaningful way you are likely to have developed a team to support you and they typically get paid when you make money.

To make any of this work you have to demonstrate your plan showing  what is in it for the sources of money is worthwhile and secure. The sources of money have to have the confidence in your plan.  For your plan to be worthwhile you need to have a strategy for what you are doing. You can network without a strategy and plan however the most you can do is build your list of possible lenders and equity partners for your deals.

I network all the time and have coached many people on how to do this effectively when you don’t have a specific deal to pitch.  That is outside the scope of this article. Contact me if you want more information.

Back To The Beginning Step 1 

If you want to Build Real Estate Business Profits Fast you decide to do that  then make a commitment do follow what it takes to make that happen. This article gives you a lot of what is required to make that happen.

Step 1 Define the goal  – Part of Deciding and Commiting is to be clear on a measurable outcome

Go deep inside and ask yourself what is the goal? In my experience everyone has the same goal but most do not know what it is. The goal is the same for everyone, but the details of what that picture looks like is different.

My friend Gary King author of The Happiness Formula also found on Amazon,  has interviewed thousands of people at events worldwide and asked them why are you here? The answer in 100% of the cases was “to be more successful” He then asked what  is  success? The answer always was to have more money?

Today  I am going to share with you the formula for making money fast in real estate. First it is important to let the following sink in: “more money is not success”.  Being happy is success. Having more money so you can make a difference with something you are passionate about is in my view a major component of being happy.

More friends, more recognition, more of anything is not success. Being happy is success. I have never found that being selfish brings happiness.  I have found that  part of being happy is being healthy – having the energy to make a difference in whatever you decided to do.

Step 2 Your Why

I thought about making this Step 1 and realized most people can relate to specific goal setting and then begin to stumble when asked Why?

How to be clear on your Why.

Decide what you want to experience. Everyone wants to have experiences . Maybe your why is to create an account to fund your child’s education. Maybe you want to create assets that cash flow month after month that pays for the lifestyle you want and helps others. Maybe you want to build a big business that makes a huge footprint in something that you are passionate about. For me I have a very big why and it drives me every day.

You  have to have a why and then your  income goal needs to line up with  your why. Key point if you think having the money, the car the house, the travel – whatever will make you happy I have a big surprise for you – learn to be happy now and you will then be happy later with those things. If you do not learn to be happy now, you will wake up with more stuff and not be happy.

Step 3 – Mindset and Skills

Once You Decide  and Develop the Picture  of The Life You are Intending to Experience (your ideal scene) that fuels your happiness then You devote time to self development work. Self development includes acquiring specialized knowledge and includes acquiring wisdom.

All of us are well served by specialized knowledge. In real estate we have Larry Harbolt, Pete Fortunato, Bill Cook and many others in who teach us specialized real estate knowledge. Then there are the authors and speakers that are popular nationally. Grant Cardone is a great teacher of sales and closing deals.  Eric Worre, Randy Gage and others are great teachers on building teams. There are numerous teachers of principles that help us become a better person. Jim Rohn, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley, Neale Donald Walsch, Gary King and many others are great teachers..

Get Podcasts on your phone, subscribe to YouTube videos. There are many resources to help you and the majority of those very valuable resources are free. Select what resonates with you. Select those that address what is blocking you. You must invest in yourself every day. Invest in yourself and take directed action otherwise you will become stuck. Journal your ideas, progress and set backs. 

Be aware of getting stuck. In Chapter 4 of my book I address what is the major block for all of us – fear.  If you  look at where you have allowed fear to creep in  Go back to your resources that you use for self improvement area of self development. The better you become the more confidence you have. Invest in becoming better. If you really are stuck because of fear, contact me and  I have other suggested resources to help you. Recomended resources are free unless you want to be coached.

I go to a lot of networking events. The more I connect with people the better I am at communicating what it is that I am developing. Recently I started using Facebook Live to get out more messages because people do not read like they used to. So I take those feeds and upload them to YouTube.  I populate them to  other social media sites. That is leverage of my time. It is also me practicing being in front of people. I will be much better at that 6 months from now than I am today.

When I was on stage in front of hundreds of people all the time and on the radio interviewing several well known celebrities every month, I got good at it.  I have not done that for about 4 years. I am dusting off the cob webs now.

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Last Wednesday I went to an event which was the launching of the New Thought Channel on Internet TV. I listened to a lady who described herself as an entrepreneur and in the 5 minutes she had described how years ago she put the box CSO at the top of her organizational chart.

Every morning she has a structured meeting with her CSO  She details the steps for this meeting in her book The Path To Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps For Financial Abundance. I went to Amazon and downloaded the Kindle version – I think it was $9.95 and have been having my own meeting now every morning and I really feel good about it. What do you think  CSO stand for? Include your answer and any questions in the comment section below.

Step 4 What is it that you are passionate about doing?

In the real estate niche there are many different transactions. Realtors, wholesalers, flippers, buy and hold, commercial multi-family, etc I started 3 buy fix and flips in January of 2015 I had a plan to do about that many each month. I stopped and 3 and that is all I did.

I have done about 10 flips total in my real estate career and each one was stressful.  I stopped. I connected with some people and I now know the deep discount single family home model and really like it. It is small business for me and my goal is to make it a lot bigger.

I got a call in October last year to look at another business and it shifted my focus almost immediately as I realized what the system is doing for people’s health .

I was at monthly REIA meeting last year and learned real estate niche that is not widely known. I am quietly looking at developing that model.  While networking for real estate deal funding I met a guy who started helping me with my plan to raise larger amounts of money.  Outside of that goal,  he connected some dots and we now are offering an opportunity for residual income long term secured by real estate with very exciting returns.

I have learned how to be smarter about what I am doing in areas I am passionate about. Higher returns, money well secured and  very low risk is how I define smarter.

What is it that you are passionate about?  Start with that now compare that life, your ideal scene,  to where you are today. If you are making $3,000 a month now and you want $20,000 a month or $1 million a month you need to define how you are going to build that.  It is not going to happen if you have not defined it.  It is also not going to happen if you have not defined it by month, by week and depending on your business, by day. If you are a wholesaler and you average $3,000 a deal and you want to make $15,000  a month. How many  deals do you have to do?  5  How many a week ?  About 1

Step 5 Once you define your financial targets in increments that make sense then you need an action plan that will hit those targets.  Larrry Harbolt recently posted on Facebook the reminder that we have to make offers, intelligent offers. Bill Cook has been encouraging people to door knock and make offers.

All of that advice and more is about  taking action. What action is required? It  depends on the deal. Is it a buy and hold, are you looking to fix and flip, are you wholesaling at deal. One wholesaler I know fairly well has his stats on how many letters he needs to mail each month to get the number of deals he wants. It is a very accurate statistic and he works that system all the time. He is successful with it.

I promote the opportunity of owning  income producing houses. Do you have to make an offer? No you just have to flow the purchase price into escrow until we get the deed and note transferred to the name you want. That is easy and yields 15% net.  Do you want even higher returns? I have two other business models that will yield excellent returns. One is an opportunity to build your own multi-million business fairly quickly. The other is an income producing opportunity secured by real estate  Are you interested in knowing more?  Contact me – all my contact information is at the end of this email.The point is you got to have an action plan designed to hit your income targets.

Step 6  Measure the actual results vs plan. 

If you want to do 3 flips that average $25,000 net to your bank in 12 months then you need to have deals the  pipeline and I would recommend wholesaling the ones that you find that a good but where you do not have the capacity to do yourself. If you want to do 6 or more flips, you will need a team and systems to make that work. Whatever you choose to do there is a plan of action that needs to be implemented and actual results for each step in the plan need to be compared to plan

This is the basis for the Gold Formula that is an entire chapter in my book. I called it The Gold Formula because once you have a plan and you measure the actual results vs. the plan you get a variance. If the variance is positive great keep doing what you are doing. If you put up 25 bandit signs and you get no leads that convert into deals you must change something,  Maybe you should  be door knocking, working more closely with wholesalers, sending letters to houses in probate, bidding on the bank owned property list – if something isn’t working you got to change what you are doing. Back to the sign example – maybe it is your message. Are you testing messages on your signs?

This is a birds eye view of the process with enough detail to help you move forward builind a business and not just doing transactions.

I Can See Clearly Now! That is the title of a book by the late Wayne Dyer who is one of my favorite mentors. What I am seeing clearly now is the path to a ten million dollar business and more materializing in the next 18-24 months. Some may not desire to have a business of that size, some may want an even larger business.  Regardless I can show you how this is practical and possible regardless of your background. Contact me for more information.

Contact Information

Steve Pohlit
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How to Get Rich Fast – A Formula and It Will Surprise You

richBefore I detail the formula understand that being rich is a lot more than making money. Rich includes a healthy body, quality friendships, honoring our family and more. Whatever you include in the definition, financial security takes away the worry that is pervasive for many and allows our energy to be devoted to our health, family and friends. It allows us to help others.

Building Business Profits FastHow To Get Rich – A Formula For Earning A Million $1,000,0000 A Year or More Fast and Ethically

Million Dollar Math

I know the principle but did not originate the phrase. That credit goes to  Grant Cardone. Great mentor – get  his Podcasts, YouTube videos, connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. I do all those things and I have purchased three of his books and some courses. Great resources.

Million Dollar Math means you have to know the numbers that will get you to a million dollars or more of annual income. Note I am not talking about the value of assets like a home or business.  I am specifically addressing what it takes to make a million dollars or more of net cash flow before taxes each year.

I know people who earn $1 million and more each year. I had that experience one year that is another story. I will only say this. At the time my mother said to me that I should retire. That was the furthest thing from my mind. So many days I think about how often she was right. Do I have regrets?  I would have done things differently. To have regret energy is a waste of time.

Until recently I would say that with passion, focus and the right products or services, it would take on average 10 years or more to have a business that delivers $1 million or more a year residual. That means the income flow continues whether you continue being active in the business or not.  Do people do that in less time? Yes they do. However what they have done is generally not easily replicated.

I have now met people who less than a year ago started a $0 and are now making $1 million or more annually residual and it is not a network marketing model. There is one thing they all have in common: hustle!  I am shifting my own focus to do the same and more.

I will begin teaching you how to join me if you are seriously interested.

A red button with the words "Take action" on itHow To Make $83,350 A Month Starting In Less Than Two Years?  That is $1 million a year. 

  1. First step is make a decision to do that.
  2. Develop a game plan.
  3. Take action on the game plan.
  4. Adjust the game plan based on actual results.

Part of Step 2 is selecting the right industry, company and product or service you are going to market. Click Here to get started learning about the product and company  I recommend.  Is that the only way? Of course not. However in my extensive business experience  I have not seen any product and business model as exciting as this one.

What Distinguishes This Opportunity From Others In The Crowd?

  1. Solving a huge problem that a high percentage of the population has.
  2. Unique product, highly advanced, securely patented in the US and internationally.
  3. Widely used with great success in other countries.
  4. Less than 20,000 units in use in the US and there is a need for more than 20 million.
  5. The people who are already making $1 million a year or more have sold less than 100 units direct.  I am not aware of any other company where this is possible. Remember this is residual yet not MLM. I will explain to all who are serious
  6. The investment to enter is very low in fact I have a program that I will show you how it can be $0 if you come in at the trainee level which is $290.  At that level you can still proceed as fast as a full distributor. Since my level of support will be greater I am very selective in who I sponsor as a trainee. As a customer or full distributor you are making an investment and I have already accepted the responsibility to help you use the product for maximum benefit and help you develop your team should you choose to do so.

Now It It Is Up to You – Make It The You Economy as Grant Cardone advises

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