Scandals , US Deficit, Foreclosures….What Is The Solution?

George Ross and Victor Menasce
George Ross and Victor Menasce

Stop reading the newspapers, watching TV and engaging in conversations with others about negative news headlines. George Ross, Donald Trump’s key attorney and deal closure reminds us that most news is not accurate and at the very least not the complete picture. As importantly, the most immediate item that affects us individually is what we do for ourselves.

Wayne’s Allyn Root coaches his clients on implementing a success plan that is not dependent on an employer. More specifically start your own business. He uses the opportunities for learning marketing and developing a network that is taught by direct sales companies or network marketing companies as a great opportunity to be your own boss, work with other successful people and not have to worry about what an employer will do.

One of the areas of my own business interests is being with an organization that coaches business owners and other interested in successful real estate investing how to move forward and achieve continually increasing performance goals. The theme here is individual responsibility for what happens in your life. Most of us have the resources to move forward and do a lot better than we are doing today. I like the example I heard once where the question was asked “if you had the opportunity to buy a new $100,000 car for $5000 would you be able to figure out how to come up with the $5000? Most everyone said yes. Then why would you ever resist the opportunity to start your own business because you didn’t have a couple thousand dollars you need for basic infrastructure and expenses during the start up period?

Are you unemployed? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you unhappy with the work you do? Don’t look outside of yourself for someone to solve these or any other issue. Do you feel you don’t have enough knowledge or education? I just finished a couple days of coaching a person who has three businesses, lives in a million dollar home with a quarter million dollar boat outside. He is a high school graduate. He figured it out. You may know of others like that or read about them.

If you want some ideas, take advantage of my complimentary coaching call. Click Here to begin. Also be sure to register on this page for my messages by email. Each one is packed with valuable information to help you.

Bottom line: you are responsible and the only way to solve any situation you don’t prefer in your life is to develop an action plan and then take action.

Intellectual Understanding Does Not Mean You Will Implement 

One of my clients this morning told me the number one benefit of the coaching program was keeping them focused on what is important.

In my experience people make a lot of progress during coaching and lose momentum if they interrupt the coaching process. For a Free Coaching Consultation Click Here  

May Your Success Exceed All Your Dreams and Desires

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