Social Media For Building Business Profits: Part 2 The Big Three

Social Media In Plain Terms

Social media as an umbrella phrase includes sites and services that facilitate interactivity and community. In that regard blogs and email marketing are included. In fact both are an integral part of the marketing funnel. 

This series is focused on using the newer and emerging services for business development. The big three are YouTube, Facebook and  MySpace in that order. Fast risers are  Twitter and LinkedIn. Currently if you placed your social media marketing attention just on those, there still  would not be enough time in a  day to manually optimize the benefit of these sites. To develop and implement a business development campaign in most cases requires  an effective system that includes automation and leverage of very specifically defined tasks.

Which Site Is Best For Finding Your Target Audience?

All of them!  Look at the numbers.  Twitter which has moved into the 47th highest traffic spot according to Alexa as of the date if this article has an estimated 6 million users. If you have a business then your target audience is there.  Your audience is also on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more sites. 

I suggest stop analyzing this until the cows come home and get to work.  The key is knowing how to properly use each account and attracting your target audience to your landing page, blog or website.  How you use Facebook is going to be different than how you use Twitter etc. All most likely are going to be linked and you will be using one of several applications to update multiple social media accounts through one interface. is a popular one that works very well. 


Twitter is particularly unique since each person has 160 characters for a profile biography and is limited to 140 characters per message.  It is also unique since according to Alexa most people stay on the first page of tweet flow (message displays).  This is a message ticker tape system. The newest message is posted at the top of the page and that pushes the last message on the page off.  

Many people focus on growing a large number of followers. The key is followers who are your target audience.  So how do you know that?  Start with Internet marketing 101 principles which is a clear definition of your target market.  Then what are the primary keywords related to your target audience?  Using the search function find out who is tweeting about those topic and follow them. You can expand this by following their followers. 

Balance Twitter followers and following by going to your View All Following screen and then looking for those people that do not have a direct message link. You can only direct message people if they follow you.  If after a few days someone has not followed you and you are attempting to balance the ratio, click delete.  There are some people and services that do not follow much at all but their content is valuable.  That is your choice.

More Twitter Tips in future additions. For now this will get you started and will help experienced users.  Again this is written with the goal of building business revenue and profits using social media. 


There have been no fundamental changes in the principles of successful marketing.  In order to convert targeted traffic into sales there must value and you must effectively communicate the value.  Start with your funnel and using Twitter as example.  You are forming  a relationship with your target audience.  Your tweets should have value. If they constantly scream buy this or that, your efforts will be futile and are likely to get you banned. 


In the next article in this series I will take a closer look at some of the features, benefits and pitfalls of specific social media sites. In the meantime, every day you spend thinking about this or trying to figure it out on your own, is a day where you are not optimizing your sales that are possible using traffic from  social media. I  suggest you get started now by emailing me.

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Marketing Is All About Traffic and Conversion

If you are in a for profit business you must have a continual stream of customers that buy what you offer. If you don’t have that working nothing else matters. Given that, what is your priority?  Correct…Marketing!!

There are only three ways to increase revenue:

1. Sell more products or services to an existing customer

2. Sell the same amount of products or services to a customer at a higher price

3. Add more customers

When anyone visits your business that is traffic.  When anyone who visits buys your offer that is conversion.

Recently, article posted here have been highlighting social media marketing for business. That arena is increasingly being used to generate traffic. I have helped many companies implement marketing programs that use a combination of tools including: a blog, a website, pay per click advertising, email marketing and more. These are all tools that work when used properly.

The landscape is changing with droves of people pouring into sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.  There are many people who claim to know why social media sites have become so popular but the reasons don’t matter. The facts are that there are huge numbers of people entering these sites and others like them for the first time each week.

Open up a Twitter account at and use the search feature at the bottom of the page and type in the keyword phrase social media.  Then begin to click on profiles and discover how many people are referring to themselves as a social media expert.

Key Point: If your primary intent is to do business, having a growing network of connected people on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter means nothing if they are not buying your offer. You have traffic but they are moving on by and the conversion piece of the formula is missing. So when someone calls themselves an expert ask them to show you the profitable business they have developed using social media. Don’t be surprised at the lack of response.

We started from scratch and developed two businesses that are profitable and cash flow positive using only social media. Social media we used  includes a blog for each business, and  a network we grew on several of the larger social media sites.

There was a lot of work involved in doing this. I know because I did a lot of it and so did my business partner.  Brian Campbell is the strategist on the detailed steps needed for this to work. Does this mean we are experts?  It means we really have a lot of skills, and now systems, for building meaningful market share in important niche markets.

My Top Two Recommendations for Businesses Wanting To Improve The Effectiveness of Their Marketing

1. Building a contact data base is key. Effectively communicate with that list. This is not new and remains a foundation principle. It is still an alien concept for most companies.

2. Have a find tuned marketing plan, budget and return on investment monitoring in place and reviewed weekly and for some actions, daily. All activity must be focused on building traffic and converting that traffic.

Closing Comments:

The social media landscape is hot and getting hotter. But there are also other proven business development tools including pay per click, email marketing, print media, electronic advertising, trade shows  and more. Each must be evaluated and tested in terms of benefit to your business. You can invest your time and that of your employees or outsource a lot of this. If you want fast results, outsource.  If you do, again migrate based on priorities and test.

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Valuable information you can use when you set up your Twitter account

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2. Larry Chase published a great list of Twitter tools – I learned about this from a “Tweet” by a person I am following. You won’t believe the tips you get when you start following some of the people on Twitter.

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